Carter Kane or Percy Jackson.

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Re: Carter Kane or Percy Jackson.

Post by RCoy85 » 16 Mar 2018, 10:50

I enjoyed both characters.

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Post by AlicinWelsh » 27 Mar 2018, 14:03

Tough call actually. I would have to go with Percy because I felt more of a connection with him. It could have been because he had more books out though. The Kane Chronicles are a great read, and I loved Sadie, but the PJ series is better all the way around.

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Post by BriennaiJ » 07 Apr 2018, 07:48

Personally, I liked Carter Kane better in some ways. I felt that he really grew into his powers and into his character. I also read the Kane Chronicles when I was around the age of Sadie, so I felt a better connection with that series. I didn't finish the PJO series until last year, and I am still in the HOO series now. I think that I can't relate to the characters anymore, and their "YA but still a children's book" attitudes sometimes.

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Post by briellejee » 01 May 2018, 09:12

I first read the Percy series before Kane Chronicles. They both have different aspect I like. For example, Kane chronicles has more humor. Egyptian gods are also interesting. Carter as a character is like percy, only a little childish. Percy on the other hand is much more relatable and not to mention Riordan did a much more better character development to him than Carter.

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Post by Megan01 » 21 Jul 2018, 12:53

I personally don't have a preference between both series. I admit I'm more attached to Percy Jackson because it pretty much started off my passion for reading and Greek mythology, but I remember really liking the Kane Chronicles and it's very different from Percy Jackson because of Rick Riordan's approach of the story. Overall both series are great and has their own characteristics.

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Post by Vscholz » 02 Aug 2018, 15:21

I have only read the first in the Kane series and I read the five books focused on Percy Jackson. As I read the PJ books, I felt that the characters didn't really grow nearly as much as they should have given their experiences within each book. That isn't to say I didn't like them--I devoured them! They were great fun, but the characters were static rather than dynamic--Percy in Book 1 is the same as Percy in Book 5, even though he is four (maybe five?) years older. So far, the Kane Chronicles seem to span a much shorter time, so the lack of personal growth isn't as necessary. I've been reading books on here to review and catching up on my cozy mysteries, but I am definitely going to finish the Kane Chronicles and read Riordan's other series. (Sidenote: I LOVED the Magnus Chase series!)

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Post by Fatima_Palacios » 23 Aug 2018, 03:46

Percy Jackson is my favorite but I think is mostly because I'm attached to the character, I've been reading his books for years and had to wait for some books but for Kane I could read them at once so I might be a little biased

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