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Official Review: Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra by TJ Shortt

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Official Review: Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra by TJ Shortt

Post Number:#1 by Jamie fred84
» 28 Jun 2015, 21:25

[Following is the official review of "Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra" by TJ Shortt.]

Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
Review by Jamie fred84
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Tamyra is a typical teenage high school girl, except she's also a werewolf. Tamyra has just recently started experiencing her werewolf self and she doesn't quite have a grasp on it. She keeps waking up in not so private places, like the neighbors yard and she can't ever fully remember what she did as the wolf. The were-gene is passed through the family, but doesn't hit everyone. Tamyra's mom, who is not a wolf, doesn't have advice based on personal experience. So her mom suggests they move to a new city with Tamyra's aunt who does have the gene and can give a little advice. Like any teenager, Tamyra is concerned about leaving her friends and changing schools during her senior year. However, since her aunt lives in a very private place and it would mean getting away from the high school bully, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Tamyra and her mom decide to move, and right away Tamyra meets one of the students at her new school, who just happens to be a really good looking boy her age named Sal. Being the shy girl she is Tamyra almost scares Sal off by being a little anti-social, but only almost. The two quickly hit it off and become friends and she is introduced and falls right in with his long time group of friends. Things are all pretty good, with the exception of the new schools bully who has a crush on Tamyra's new friend and also crush Sal.

Sal and one of her new friends know there is something about her that she is keeping secret, but are nice not to push her for information. However, after an unexpected incident with the solar eclipse at school, her friend quickly figures out her secret, but is quick not to judge and helps her and doesn't out her.

There is a death of a high school student by an "animal attack", and Tamyra still can't remember her nights as the wolf. A friend tells the group he has been tracking something that is not human and that he feels is responsible for many deaths.

This book is short and a book that gets straight to the point, it only really leaves you hanging in the end when it leaves room for Part 2. There is not a great deal of detail in getting to know the characters or the scene, so it made it a little difficult to picture the story like I usually do. However, it is filled with excitement, and teen romance.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars since I did not expect it to be a lengthy novel. It had all the details you need in a story without all the extra filler. Even though I gave it a 4 star I would have liked a little more detail about the characters. I am actually looking forward to Part 2: Val, which the author mentioned in final comments. This book would probably appeal more to teenagers who like paranormal stories with some teen love. It would be good for those who find it difficult to finish lengthy books.

Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra
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Jamie fred84's Latest Review: "Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra" by TJ Shortt
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Re: Official Review: Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra by TJ Short

Post Number:#2 by Cee-Jay Aurinko
» 06 Dec 2015, 03:45

I don't mind lengthy novels. And werewolves! Thanks for the review Jamie. But I think you should've cut back on the summary a little more.
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