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Review of Orinthia

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[Following is an official review of "Orinthia" by Most Everyone.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Mental health issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. It could be stress, hallucinations, delusions, or even severe anxiety. This is the case of Orinthia in this book.

Orinthia: Book One - The Super Mental Series by Most Everyone is an engrossing novel that tells the story of a group of people, both young and old, who fell victim to an eye-catching poster promising a free cure for a variety of mental disorders. They have no idea they'd be used as test subjects for the newly developed pill, "Potentia Auxilium," which is supposed to be the cure for their mental disorder. Orinthia is among them. Orinthia is a lovely young lady who feels she doesn't belong anywhere she goes. Even if she did, she always feels judged for who she is and how she dresses, looks, talks, and walks. She is an overthinker. What exactly is the purpose of this test? Does this pill have the potential to change the world? How does it affect Orinthia? Get a copy to find out more.

The story of Orinthia and Coy, who drew strength from one another's flaws, enthralled me as I read it. They succeeded in ending the threat the pill had posed by working together. For each character, I could sense their emotions. As I read, I had no trouble visualizing every scene. Orinthia's feelings most closely resembled mine. She was constantly anxious, and it was challenging for her to put her trust in others. Love, family bonding, betrayal, and bravery are all depicted in the book. The characters fit perfectly into their roles. Incredible work was done by the author. It inspired me to consider how different the world might be if everyone could conceal their flaws.

Orinthia is my favorite character because I admire her bravery until the end. Even after her mother died, she worked hard to conceal her grief. I also like how she let her imagination run wild. Her overthinking personality has a positive side effect. It is entertaining to read about her. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. While reading, I was never tired or bored. The author's inventiveness kept me engrossed in the story. This is the type of book that everyone should read to gain more knowledge.

Because it has taught me how to approach life's obstacles, I give the book five out of five stars. It also convinced me that not everything that glitters is gold. I commend the author and editor for their hard work. The book is excellently edited because I couldn't find any mistakes in it. It was simple to comprehend each character's humor, sarcasm, and suffering. I suggest this book to everyone, but especially to those who are struggling with problems they don't know how to handle.

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The author did a tremendous job making sure that each character was properly suited for their particular position in the plot, which helped to make it relatable and engaging for readers. It has an interesting plot. Outstanding review
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Post by Temi book »

This is an interesting review. Some people are just pure wicked to use innocent people as test subjects. I wonder how they were able to evade the side effects. Nice review!
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This is a great read as matter of mental health always interest me. How did Orinthia and others help save the world from pests who pose as a saviour. This will be a great read.
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Anselm Freeman
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Orinthia Mus have been a strong woman who despite her worries about how people relate with her, put herself outside there to unravel the mystery behind the pill that's supposed to care for people with mental disorders.
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This book is interesting to read I will like to find out how Orinthia and Coy were able to end the threat of the pill by working together. Nice review.
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It is disheartening to see that humans are used as test subjects for science projects, this book reminds me of a movie I watched a long time ago, nice review.
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Mental stress is very common today among people, especially youths. I love how Orinthia and Coy worked together to eliminate their threat.
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