Review of What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire

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Review of What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire

Post by LinaMueller »

[Following is an official review of "What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire" by Kenneth Daut.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire by Kenneth Daut is, as the name makes clear, an introductory book on how to manage your resources. As much as the title says that the book is for teenagers, nothing prevents a 30-year-old adult newbie from using this book as introductory reading.

Kenneth has written nine chapters that discuss various aspects, including motivation, personal experiences, summarized comments on bestsellers, and introductory notions of concepts such as compound interest and different financial assets.

The most striking thing about this book is how easy it is to understand. The author demonstrates from the first page that he is an average Joe like any other. After making several mistakes, and even though he had a family that didn't know anything about asset management, he had to learn on his own. Thus, the book is full of motivational content and explains introductory concepts that all those looking to accumulate money should know. There are also several pages dedicated to explaining the various financial assets available to the average investor. What I liked most was the fact that the author was honest and admitted that there is no magic formula on how to become a millionaire that applies to everyone.

I don't see anything negative that is worth mentioning. It is quite true that the author exaggerated the use of quotes. There are more than 20 motivational phrases throughout the book (ranging from athletes like Mike Tyson to philosophers like Confucius). I have advanced knowledge of the financial market, and I don't think it's very professional to exaggerate to do so. However, I think the strategy used might have been an intelligent way to get the message across to a teenager. The last thing a young person wants is to see complex math formulas in an introductory book. It is for this reason that I cannot regard this as a flaw.

On the whole, What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire by Kenneth Daut deserves four out of four stars. This book is a very well-written introductory work that has everything to help those who are looking for a book that will serve as a gateway to the world of investing. Since I couldn't find a single grammatical error in more than 100 pages, it's reasonable to say that the book is professionally edited. I recommend it not only for teens but also for adults who don't have much experience in the investment world. The language is accessible, and the examples provided by the author are didactic and easy to understand.

What Every Teen Needs To Know About Money, Accumulating Wealth and Becoming A Millionaire
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Post by Hhannahh »

This quite a rich and concise read. I recently read a similar book, It's Not Common Cent$, and I absolutely enjoyed it, so I think I'll like this one too.
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Post by markodim721 »

I think it's great that the author designed and wrote the book in a great way with the goal of motivating the youngest readers to make wiser financial decisions.
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Aarti Jha
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Post by Aarti Jha »

This seems to be an interesting and helpful read. Your review will really help me to make my decision about this and other such books as i am new to investing thing and i want to learn more and more about it
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Post by PeterRabitt20 »

I wish I read this book as a teen, but it's never late to start learning about money! Great review!
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Post by Benaron »

An honest author and a plethora of inspirational quotes? I'm sold. Looking forward to reading it, and thanks for a great review!
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Post by NISSE »

I sincerely believe this book is worth for anyone not just for teenagers as financial literacy is very average of the general public.Thanks for a awesome review!
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Post by Poojitha Borra »

I was unsure reading the title whether this book would be full of technical jargon. But your review clarified that, looking forward to reading it.
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Post by Millene2004 »

I'm a teen, and I feel this would be helpful. Thank you.
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Post by Eloque3locks »

Seems a concise review by an avid financial analyst on a book by an amateur financial analyst, but everyone starts as an amateur in something. Still sounds like a good introductory read
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Post by Wesusa »

This looks mighty useful. I may have to consult this book in the near future. Thanks for the Great Review.
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Bako Favour
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Post by Bako Favour »

Wow , I am a teenager and without this book , I think I would make a whole lot of financial mistakes in the future ........I'm so grateful to the author
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Post by Ntombifuthi Londi »

Great read. I might not be a teenager but on this book, judging from the review it seems to be a good book since it motivates readers to be money savvy.
Zandile Zwane
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Post by Zandile Zwane »

Awesome read,pretty vital introduction.I am grateful to the author for going out of his way to mentor,nurture our teens ....Great review.
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Post by Edria Dayyinah »

I’m a teen, and need money so I hope to get my hands on this book someday. Insightful review!
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