Official Review: Chasing the Show by Pete Hall

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Official Review: Chasing the Show by Pete Hall

Post by Faithy_Goody_Star »

[Following is an official review of "Chasing the Show" by Pete Hall.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Is it possible for one to get to a point distinct from where one intended to? Is there such a thing as destiny, a path that cannot be influenced or disrupted by an external factor? Can we achieve our dreams merely by dreaming and working hard? These questions popped up in my head at different points of reading Chasing the Show by Pete Hall.

This book is a perfect reflection of the experiences of young people in finding themselves, chasing their dreams, navigating life, and handling their wins and failures. The author, through a character, Anthony Sumners, reflected the foregoing. Anthony is a talented and focused baseball player who exudes confidence and believes that he will get to a particular point in the sport of baseball. Contrary to what his parents and teacher believed in, he didn't buy the idea that he can reach a height different from that. He dedicated himself to his baseball goals such that, at a point in his life, he refused to be involved in any form of a romantic relationship. How long can he keep up with this decision of his? Another pertinent question is, will Anthony achieve his goals?

Considering that Chasing the Show centers on a sport (baseball), one can deduce that there should be sufficient information about it in this book. However, they are not technical enough to bore one who has little or no knowledge of it. In fact, the level of information about baseball shows that the author has experience in it or did quality research. Either way, it portrayed the book in a brilliant light.

An intriguing and positive aspect of this book is the efforts Anthony’s parents made to ensure that he secures a splendid future. They were so interested in his life that they were eager to hold conversations with him. Although these conversations didn’t always flow perfectly, they reflected the way parents should be interested in the affairs of their children. There are various lessons spread all over this book for young persons, educators, and parents. These lessons are so practical that a reader can apply them in his life.

To be honest, I have no negative comment about this book as it was nearly perfect. This is so because it was well-written, and it contains just a few minor errors. Clearly, the book was professionally edited. Considering that the lessons in this book can last one for a lifetime, it deserves a rating of four out of four stars.

Young adults who may seem not to be getting what they want out of life and those who have goals they want to achieve will find this book helpful. Therefore, I recommend it to them.

Chasing the Show
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Post by smolbird »

I like your review and I think the book is interesting, but I think it isn't to my liking.
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Post by Krishnajee100 »

A very good review. This book sounds good. I would like to read it in near future.:)
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Post by Drianie »

I am one of those readers with no knowledge or interest in baseball, so it's good to know that there are many other elements to carry the story and make it interesting to read. Thanks for the informative review!
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Post by Michael Jerry_ »

This is a very well written review
Discussing the trial and tribulations of life as a youth through a baseball lover isn’t usually the kind of book I’d pick up and the cover art isn’t the most attractive but Pete Hall did a great job on this book.
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Post by Rayah Raouf »

I initially thought the bat on the cover was a sword, so I decided to read your review. I was then surprised to see that it was about baseball. Nonetheless, the review seems to capture all the important elements. Thank you for the review. Unfortunately, I am not a sports fan. So a book like this wouldn't be interesting to me.
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Damian Keyes
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Post by Damian Keyes »

I love stories where characters find their passion and go for it without any hesitation. Many people are too afraid to go for their dreams, so they remain complacent in their current situation. This sounds like an interesting book that I would enjoy to the fullest. Thanks for this well-written review.
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

I am interested in reading this-thank you so much for your great review. Finding your passion and going for it is a great message to al!!
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to choose between supporting their children to achieve apparently impossible dreams and simply encourage them to study and ensure themselves a future. I believe that this book focuses on that topic, doesn't it?!
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Post by Albaou Amira »

Very interesting plot, but not a genre I would typically read. Good review.
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Post by Hhannahh »

In response to your introductory question, I believe we can archive our dreams by dreaming and working hard. Now, 'working hard' includes everything from character development to actual physical work.
Although I know little about baseball, I can see how the sport is a good example for discussing 'chasing dreams'. I like how Anthony's parents were interested in his life and choices; parents are a very important factor in child's life.
Lovely review, miinii.
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Noriel DM
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Post by Noriel DM »

I like life lessons book. You got me interested with your review, and thanks for the honest feedback.
We are all unique in our own ways :D
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