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Re: Insurgent

Post by mallyview7 » 20 Apr 2015, 21:01

Insurgent had a lot going on, so it was a page turner. Yet I think Roth could have made more of an impact if she would have made the story line just a bit simpler. The characters are here, then there, then here again, and is Tris constantly changing her mind. Like a few people have said before me, she never listens to anyone, especially Tobias, who is the only one she can really trust. I really liked Tris in Divergent but the more I read of her the less I connect with her character. As for the Allegiant, well the end is a real bummer. There is even an epilogue where things have the opportunity to get better and it just doesn't.

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Post by airaza » 21 Apr 2015, 16:30

Insurgent was a great book. However, it was a bit confusing. At certain points in the book, I found it a bit messy and it wasn't put together very well, but all together I loved it. I cant wait to read the third book.

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Post by KiraMa » 23 Apr 2015, 18:32

I could defiantly say I am a fan of this book. I loved the idea it brought to the audience. I really enjoyed reading Divergent, but moving on to the next book of Insurgent was just fantastic. I was so emotional attached to the story line and the characters.I am very excited to start Allegiant and find out what happens next in this page turning series. 5/5

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Post by rosaesposito » 26 Apr 2015, 08:12

I read Insurgent and thought it was an okay book. Tris, in my opinion, is more self-oriented and weak in this novel. The story overall is well written and i did enjoy it although, it had me skipping pages that were boring or long winded.

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Post by smh30 » 29 Apr 2015, 08:04

I enjoyed Divergent and Insurgent but have yet to read the third one. I am trying to get my daughter to read them but she seems to have the attention span of a gnat at the moment :)

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Hannah N
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Post by Hannah N » 14 May 2015, 18:05

This book is one of my favorites for several reasons. Everything in the novel begins to intensify and you are unable to put it down. You are scared for the protagonists relationship and for their life. Most definitely enjoyed this book.

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Post by Annerz_Bananerz21 » 19 May 2015, 13:13

This series is amazing. There was so many surprises and they were all pretty sad. The movie Insurgent could have been better though. I know books are usually better than the movies because they have more detail, but the movie changed everything. Tris waists a lot of time fighting Jeanine Mathews only to do what she wanted Tris to do. It makes no since to me. There are a lot of other problems with this movie but I don't really want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it. I would highly recommend not watching it though.

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Post by Regina16 » 25 May 2015, 17:32

I enjoyed reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. My favorite part about it was getting to see Candor and Amity deeper than its basic description. However, after a while, I was a bit annoyed by the constant arguing between Tris and Four. But the end of the book left readers on a serious cliff hanger. The fight Tris had with herself was quite interesting, and it helps readers understand how far someone could go for a cause. In the end, I enjoyed Insurgent because of its portrayal of the wickness of human nature, and how something good could become corrupt.

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Post by AliceN_W » 22 Jul 2015, 13:42

I did enjoy the book Insurgent, but I believe that Divergent was more meaning and depth. Insurgent did show us other factions that weren't really shown or truly explained about before, like Candor and Amity, however, I feel that Tris ignored common sense and because of that, it made the book feel much longer than it actually was. I understand that there had to be at least some drama, otherwise it would result in a boring book, but it seem like her sense of reasoning dramatically shifted after the first book and made her seem really annoying at times. Thankfully, she straightened up towards the latter part of the book. Overall, I would give this book a 3/5. It was good, but it could have been better.

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Post by rachel_jacks » 13 Aug 2015, 08:35

I was a big fan of the whole Divergent trilogy. Insurgent opens up a whole new world for the story to go to, past the faction system and into corruption in the system. Of course it leaves you wanting to read more (author's wouldn't sell books in a series if they made each book have a final ending). I agree that Tris does not always use her brain (being divergent means you are a little of everything, but Tris doesn't seem to be too Erudite at times). Tris always does what she thinks is right, even if that means making sacrifices.

I wouldn't be afraid to read Allegiant, but be warned there are no happy endings. Much like The Hunger Games trilogy, the author doesn't want to break the feel of the books by creating an unrealistic happy ending. I finished the final book knowing that it was all over, but wishing I could go back and rewrite the parts I didn't want to read. I am a romantic at heart, so any book that doesn't have a happy ending always leaves me feeling like I am missing something. Aside from that, I feel that the books are well written and if you start the trilogy, you should see it out until the end.

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Post by TheSnowBlues » 20 Aug 2015, 17:51

The only only thing I didn't like about this series was Insurgent. It was good, and very informative, but all around boring! I found it as exciting as reading a textbook. :( I really was hoping it was going to be good, but even the couple funny parts were dropped during the movie adaptation. I still love the series though!

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Post by chaterinegunawan » 24 Aug 2015, 05:25

Read this book like a year ago. At first, I didn't like the beginnings because Tris was fought with Four all the time (which described the title itself) But loving it as I turned into page and page. Every page is worth it. There's some plot-twist and many surprises. More drama, action and love. Recommended if you keen more of Divergent.

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Post by Jen3963 » 24 Aug 2015, 18:30

Randi328 wrote:I havent read insurgent yet but that will be my next read , im looking forward to it
Not sure If I am going to watch the movie

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Post by Joyreader » 03 Sep 2015, 10:28

I loved insurgent, even though I am not a fan dystopias. It was just different, it introduced some ideas and plot that I really found intriguing.

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Post by domnicole1987 » 03 Sep 2015, 16:57

Insurgent was a real letdown for me. I loved Divergent. I loved Tris in the first book, but in the second it seemed like her personality totally changed. She was no longer strong, independent and mature. She acted like a whiny teenager. I realize she's only 16 but she didn't act that way in the first book. I also felt that the plot development was a drag. I give it 3/5.

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