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Re: Insurgent

Post by hpsecrets99 » 23 Sep 2014, 12:09

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Divergent. So I expected to enjoy the second one just as much or more. But unfortunately, I found this one really slow-moving and boring. I actually had to force myself to finish this. 3 stars.
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Post by cyndiha11 » 23 Sep 2014, 12:56

I enjoyed this book. It was an easy enough read, although there weren't any parts of the book that made me go 'Wow!' It was just 'okay'.
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Post by MelB » 29 Sep 2014, 10:32

So I loved Divergent! It was exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Once we got to insurgent I found myself getting frustrated with Tris always fighting herself. Even though I wanted to scream for her to snap out of it, I noticed myself reading the book even more just to see how she would end up. It kept me interested and the ending of the book was amazing!

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Post by Taylerkiner » 08 Oct 2014, 12:13

I enjoyed the second novel of this series and am looking forward to the final book. There was so much action and suspense in this novel. The story was very enticing and keep me interested

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Post by sophie_mcmaster » 11 Oct 2014, 12:28

Great book. Great series. i actually cried a little at the end of the third book.
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Post by lovebecka » 15 Oct 2014, 05:32

Stacie_C wrote:Even though I found the whole series to be easy to read and a page turner I give the whole series a 3. I found a lot of flaws in this series but the major one for me was Tris! I was much more interested in Tobias. I really wanted to like this series. I loved the idea and concept with being able to choose where they belonged and starting anew, but I just couldn't. Allegiant was unexpected. I know some people who loved the last book and others who hated it. Like I said I give it a 3 but the good news is you get to hear from Tris and Tobias which helped in my case!

did you read "Four" the book she wrote after the orginal 3 books to be based on Tobias view? it is a very good read, and from his perspective!

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Post by brooklynegan » 03 Jan 2015, 07:34

I found that this was the hardest book in the Divergent trilogy for me to read. I found that it was quite slow paced and wasn't getting to the point. It took me 5 days to finish Insurgent when it only took me 3 days to finish Divergent. I also found Allegiant to be very slow paced and hard to read as well. I do think though that was because I was not used to reading from Four's prospective and it got me confused at times. Overall I rated this trilogy a 3/5 stars even though I loved the first book the last two where a bit to slow for me.

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Post by Skylar41 » 08 Jan 2015, 01:12

I love the Divergent series so much! Insurgent was an awesome story! This series is a must read! :)

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Post by fifthmayfly » 15 Feb 2015, 23:07

I didn't like how Tris was so vulnerable compared to Divergent. It was as if she was completely dependent on Tobias for a while, which is such a contrast from how she was so powerful in the first book. I like the plot, but it got slow at some points. I love how all the characters have so much depth to them though. One of my favorites.

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Post by aschuck_13 » 19 Feb 2015, 18:33

Can't wait for the movie.

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Post by RidiculousMuffin » 04 Mar 2015, 21:32

There is a lot of great from Veronica Roth. A great heroine in a great dystopian society in a great book in a great series by a great author! Sounds silly, but it's very true! I absolutely cannot wait until the movie comes out on the 20th! Surprisingly, I thought they did a great job on the first movie! There were no major things changed and very few small things as well. Plus the scenes were all very well planned out and they looked just how I had visualized it all in my head! Here's to hoping they do just as well on the next one!

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Post by tsharifi » 04 Mar 2015, 22:56

Words cannot describe how much I love Insurgent. Yes, it is an easy read and does have flaws here and there, but the overall plot was insanely exciting. To me the title "Insurgent" is synonymous with "emotional roller coaster ride". This entire series was a major favorite of mine, mostly because they made me feel things that I hadn't felt in so long. When you can connect with a book on an emotional level, in my opinion, that is what makes it truly great. For those that are hesitant about reading the books, give this series a shot!

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Post by fictionalthrone » 13 Mar 2015, 22:56

I love this series, and as lame as I sound i must say I enjoyed insurgent much less than divergent, there was just such an action and so much development to the first book but when I read the second book it just kind of disappointed me.

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Post by Jamie fred84 » 17 Apr 2015, 15:18

I love this series. I started reading after I watched the first movie, I know that's totally the wrong way to do it, but I like the movie so much I wanted to go ahead and figure out the rest of the story. With the second book I was slightly turned off by how different some of the parts of the movie were, I kept looking over to my husband and saying that's not how it was in the book, but I did like the movie better than the book. Triss seemed so much weaker in the book than she did in the movie and for a main role I thought she shouldn't have been that weak.
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Post by trisprior » 19 Apr 2015, 06:47

At first, I hated it. I thought it was too bitter and slow-paced.
Then, 70 pages in, I realized I loved it.
The plot was incredible. No other word to describe it. Incredible. In this book we start going a little beyond the factions and exploring the factionless, the world beyond the fence. I love how the villains aren't just randomly shot in this series by the hero/heroine. They are given the depth they deserve and are killed in the right way. Veronica Roth has the patience required to write a book that rarely any other YA author has.
Everyone is bothered by the weakness Tris shows in this book, but I actually liked it. Even the strongest people have their weak spots and vulnerabilities. If she kept being too strong she would become unrelatable and emotionless and everything would be unrealistic.
My only problem with this novel is that Tobias and Tris were turned from the mature couple who talked everything out rationally and never kept any secrets, to the couple present in every YA. Reckless, immature, secretive.
The ending was bold, striking. Of course, I did love Divergent more but I loved this nonetheless.

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