Official Review: adventured of columbus daniel

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Latest Review: adventured of columbus daniel by Columbus daniel

Official Review: adventured of columbus daniel

Post by Ogoskino »

[Following is an official review of "adventured of columbus daniel" by Columbus daniel.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Adventures of Columbus Daniel by Columbus Daniel is a fiction book that follows a story of the explorations of young “Danny” and numerous lessons he learns from the different experiences he had in-between his third and twelfth year.

Written as an autobiography, the story starts off with three-year-old Danny being resuscitated, having slipped into a coma, after falling into a well. Danny then becomes more attached to things of nature and faith in God. He also develops a preference for people with black skin over white-skinned people, even when racial prejudice was very evident at that time. He does not quite fit in with most of his peers at home or school. After his mother remarries, he is dropped off at his grandparent’s house where he lives a farm life until he is twelve. During his time there, he learns some valuable lessons through the friends he makes as well as his numerous adventurous expeditions.

It is usually a very difficult task to write an autobiography that does not look false, as there is always a very high chance that the author attributes certain positive qualities to himself to make him look good or leave the readers in awe. I was pleased that was not the case here. The author, telling a story of himself as a child, does not try to paint his younger self, “Danny” more than what he was- a child. Danny's thoughts and actions were consistent with those of a child throughout the book. This was especially evident in his relationship with his cousin, James. It made his story more credible and believable.

I like that the author described locations explicitly. I always had a clear picture of what the features of houses and places looked like. I also liked that this book was very easy to read as the editorial team did a very good job. This book contained absolutely no grammatical errors or profane language, although I found three minor typographical errors. Additionally, it was interesting to see that this book talked about the racial prejudices that existed during that time and how much Danny’s grandmother frowned at them. This is a topic that still has a lot of relevance in modern-day. I think it is important that people emulate Danny’s grandmother in a bid to eradicate racism.

Despite the positives, I was disappointed at the number of unnecessary characters that were included. These characters were introduced and they were never talked about again throughout the book. This made other important characters difficult to keep up with at times. Furthermore, I was unhappy with how frequently the topics and issues that were raised, changed without a complete explanation regarding their outcome.

As a result of my reservations, I have taken off one star and rated this book 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend The Adventures of Columbus Daniel for people interested in nature and fiction stories.

adventured of columbus daniel
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Post by Cynthia_Oluchi »

I agree with you, most autobiographies look false. This is because no one would speak badly about himself. This is a good review!

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Post by kdstrack »

It appears that his grandmother had a positive influence on his life. I agree with your comments about the long list of characters in many autobiographies. Thanks for the interesting review.

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Post by Sushan »

I am not very fond of autobiographies, and aso faith related reads. I will pass on this one. Thanks for the informative review 👍👍
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Post by Tomah »

The theme of racial prejudice is interesting, but this book doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Still, thanks for the review!

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Post by SomeoneInTheWorld »

This seems like an engaging and enjoyable book. I really appriciate the author for his honesty and for portraying himself just like he was and not like he wanted himself to be. Thank you very much for the great review!

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Post by Amberlily »

It is wonderful when you are able to tell how truthful the author is being within their words. The issue with the characters might have something to do with inexperience if this is all he's ever wrote. Seasoned authors know that unnecessary characters are something to stay away from if they do not have a reason for existing. Great review!

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Post by Debra123 »

This sounds like a book I could enjoy. I found the last autobiography I read extremely Irritating. I felt like the author was bragging while pretending to be humble. I appreciate your thoughts about the difficulty of writing an honest autobiography. Great review!

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Post by bellajavier »

I get you why you were annoyed by too many unnecessary characters, such characters kind of add a burden at the back of my head because I feel pressured to remember them. This was a very well written review! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Post by Maria Esposito »

I am always fascinated by books that embrace children's perspectives to talk about "serious" topics. This sounds like a great book, and so does your review. Thank you!
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Post by fadjei »

This sounds like an interesting book. However, the overflow of unnecessary characters must make it very confusing to read this book.
Thanks for the review!

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Post by adamgreenrock »

If it was an non-fictional autobiography, I'd have gave the author somewhat of a break when it comes to side characters. But since this one is fictional, I feel like the author could've made them a bit more relevant to the story. Thanks for your review!

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Post by Katherinenyirenda9 »

This is an interesting book,i really appreciate the author for this book because i have learnt something from it.

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Post by Seroney_ »

This is such a fascinating review and am going to check out the book.

Great review

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