Official Review: Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb

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Julie Petitbon
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Latest Review: Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb by Evangeline Greene
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Official Review: Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb

Post by Julie Petitbon »

[Following is an official review of "Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb" by Evangeline Greene.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb by Evangeline Greene is a fantastic coming-of-age story filled with action, adventure, intrigue, and epic world-building. Sophia Violet always felt different. She has an invisible friend that can transform into animals, mysterious wolves stand vigil at her window, and her eyes are a shocking shade of violet. When Sophia enrolls at a new school, she hopes that she will fit in for once.

At school, Sophia discovers amazing and unbelievable things about herself. She accidentally learns that she can transform into animals, much like her invisible friend Luna. She also discovers that she is not entirely human. She is from Chiralis, a planet that gains energy from ultraviolet light. Additionally, and much to her delight, Sophia is befriended by a few girls who share her Chiralian heritage.

After a successful school year, Sophia goes with her peers to a camp that, unbeknownst to her parents, is for Chiralian students. Sophia grows closer to Darva, Brill, and Luna, and they help Sophia learn more about her alien roots and her newfound abilities. Sophia also learns that the planet’s energy is waning, and their only hope of survival is finding a missing orb. Sophia and her friends work to find the orb in the hopes that it will restore the ever-fading power of the Chiralians. However, others with sinister motives also search for the orb.

Sophia’s unusual violet eyes, as well as her bee pendant, hold the clues to the missing orb. Can Sophia and her friends find it before time runs out or before it falls into the wrong hands?

Sophia Violet is a fantastic protagonist. Adopted at birth, she is now fourteen. A loving daughter and a kind friend, Sophia is a clever and amiable young woman, and she matures as she learns more about herself and her past. Smart, strong, and complex, she is a dynamically developed and admirable character. Furthermore, other characters in the novel are equally well-developed. I like Lindon Doubletree, the bumbling and loveable Chiralian that helps Sophia on her quest. Her human parents are funny, loving, and a bit clueless. Cru, one of Sophia’s peers, is sullen and secretive but still thoughtful and caring, and his grandmother is desperately wicked and threatening. Minor and major characters remain unique and defined throughout the novel.

My favorite part of the book is the friendship between Sophia, Luna, Darva, and Brill. They are a smart and fierce team, and their relationship exemplifies the awesome capabilities of young women. Brill is loyal, Darva is brave, Luna is mysterious and spunky, and Sophia is determined. Their relationship grows as the story progresses, and each teen becomes more self-aware and self-assured.

The world-building in this story is also worth mentioning. When Sophia goes camping with her school, she learns to use her powers. Soon she and her friends transfigure into an array of animals, from mice to lions. Some characters have special powers that enable them to stop time or see things that others can’t. Many characters practice transmigrating to various locations around the globe. All of this contributes to the amazingly creative setting. Furthermore, part of the story takes place on Chiralis, Sophia’s home planet, which is vividly described and unique. The author’s skill in creating such a detailed and immersive world is masterful.

Additionally, the themes of the story offer powerful and thought-provoking messages about prejudice, friendship, the toxicity of secrets and deception, and finding oneself. Early in the story, Sophia reflects on her fears of school shootings. She also notices how desensitized society is to mass shootings. Later in the story, the importance of self-worth is explored. “But no one, no matter how much they try, can be something they’re not. Being true to yourself is one of the most important lessons to learn in life.” These messages are relevant and include topics that teenagers and adults can relate to.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It is a fantastic novel with great pacing and empowering messages. It is also impeccably edited and doesn’t include profanity. Readers in middle school or older who enjoy science fiction and strong female protagonists will love this story.

Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb
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Post by Ria710 »

Wow, thank you for your review. It sounds like an amazing book, very adventurous. I will be definitely checking it out.

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Post by SunVixen »

Look like great book. Thank you for wonderful review!

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Post by KimberlyS88 »

Great job describing this book in your review!

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Post by Amy+++ »

The cover of this book pulled me in, so did your review. I can't wait to read more of this book.

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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

While I am not a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy, this sounds like an immersive read. I like that the author is successful at world-building and the book also focuses on the friendship of these alien girls. Thanks for the fantastic review!

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Post by Dallas2020 »

That sounds amazing! I love YA literature and I can't wait to dive into this one! I especially like that there doesn't seem to be a "star-crossed" love story - I've had quite enough of those. Thanks for your review!

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Post by Paul5188ngei » happy to read through the book ..first of all the cover of the book draws one attention into state of making one to have the greed of knowing what can be inside the covers

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Post by Ferdinand_otieno »

This is an awesome fantastic coming-of-age story filled with action, adventure, intrigue, shapeshifting, and heroism. It is temporarily free on Amazon Kindle and has a masterfully-written OnlineBookClub review. I rated it 4 out of 4 stars. Congrats @GreeneAuthor on the BOTD.

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Post by Tavaiel26 »

Thanks for the review! it sounds like a very sweet book! It's nice to see the book focus on female friendships!

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Post by Queenyx »

This review is just so elaborate. I am a lover and die hard fan of Sci Fi and this is just perfect for me at this moment of my life. This review gets to explain how this book drives home the necessity for one to believe in oneself and aspire for great heights no matter how hard the world pushes one to the wall.
I am already convinced so much to read this book and share it also with my virtual young teen book club students. This will be the motivator they need at these trying and demanding times of their lives.

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Ms Vinkel
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Post by Ms Vinkel »

😄 Thank you for the review, the free book, & for introducing Smashwords. I'm okay with Fantasy books but a bit wary of creatures/shape-shifters. I'm hoping it won't be a typical clique-ish girl group. The review mentioned the positives but most often, characters are further revealed in their lines and backstory. Still, I'll get to read it for free! Happy! :D

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Post by Ogoskino »

Transforming into animals? I would love to see how it all plays out. I am a fan of fantasy stories. Thanks for the review.

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Erick Muyesu
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Post by Erick Muyesu »

I am glad this book focuses on female friendship. Female friendships don't last but I am glad the author used the female characters to prove otherwise. Your review is outstanding. Congratulations to the BOTD

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Musk doaab
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Post by Musk doaab »

Young witches together exploring and discovering the world and themselves along with completing dangerous missions except they are aliens. An ever likeable theme and i can see how much the reviewer enjoyed reading this book.

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