Review by sursangeet_2000 -- Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign

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Review by sursangeet_2000 -- Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign

Post by sursangeet_2000 »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Opaque" by Calix Leigh-Reign.]
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We all have felt like an alien at some point in our life. We don’t fit in the circle that we move in and constantly feel like a part of us is missing. But, how would we feel, if strange things happen around us? If doors shut on their own when we are angry, and things fall or break when we feel out of control. Adam, the protagonist of the book, Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign, feels such strong emotions at times that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. The only person that he can truly love is his mother, JoAnn and he has an unexplainable contempt for his dad. He feels out of place amongst his friends and mostly keeps to himself.

As he is trying to figure out why he feels so different, Carly enters his school and for the first time in his life, he feels closely connected to someone other than his mother. He begins to notice some changes in his physical self and he is unable to point any reason for why the changes are happening. Meanwhile, Carly feels the same attraction for Adam and she is quite surprised by that. Carly is a descendant of an almost extinct Russian bloodline that possesses supernatural powers. As the story progresses, Carly and Adam try to figure out what connects them both and how they can assist each other as they face life-threatening situations together.

This book was quite a roller-coaster ride for me. During the first few chapters of the book, I was trying to figure out if I liked the main character. Though I felt sad to see the tortured soul in Adam, I couldn’t bring myself to agree with his pessimistic outlook for his fellow-beings. However, I give the author full credit for taking time and building the character of Adam at the beginning of the story. As the story progresses further, the author has successfully managed to tie all loose ends and explain why Adam felt the way he did.

I loved the fact that although Adam was the main protagonist, the author also brought in a female character, who proves to be an amazing catalyst for Adam. She brings out the best in Adam without losing her own importance in the story. As she trains Adam to be the best that he can be, her own confidence and light shine through. She is clear in what she wants and what is unacceptable and stays that way till the end of the book.

In the beginning, it seems like the book is a love story between the two main characters. But, it is more than that as it deals with teen emotions such as loneliness, and feeling out of place. Adam comes out as a very realistic character, who is unable to control the emotions running through him. He also has a very dark side and has a hard time coming to terms with this natural darkness in him. However, as the love between Adam and Carly progresses, he forces himself to address this dark side and bring out the best in him. The author shows this transition gradually, which makes for an interesting read.

However, there were some parts in the story when the transitions between Adam and Carly were not very clear. For example, there was one scene in particular, when Adam accidentally injures Carly with a football. It seemed that the point of view was switching between the two of them back and forth. I wasn’t clear if the point of view was actually switching or Adam was sensing what Carly felt.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the book and I was only able to find a few errors in the book. The book has been well edited and the characters have been portrayed nicely by the author. I would be happy to give this book a four out of four stars. I would recommend this book to young adults, and anyone interested in fantasy series. However, there are a few adult-like scenes, which might require parental guidance for younger audiences.

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Post by Katie Canedy »

Thank you for the informative review! I like how Carly is not just a supplemental character for Adam; it seems as if she stands out on her own very well. I will have to read this one. :)
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This really sounds intriguing and a book my kids would enjoy. From your description, I like how there is intrigue and some real struggles that have a satisfactory resolution. Thanks for a well-written review!
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