Official Review: The Irish Skateboard Club by Brinn Colenda

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Mari Inez
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Re: Official Review: The Irish Skateboard Club by Brinn Colenda

Post by Mari Inez »

Sounds like a fun adventure. I am curious about the descriptions of Ireland. Sounds like a great young adult book.
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Anusha Thatavarthi
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Post by Anusha Thatavarthi »

Brinn seems like an interesting protagonist. I love crime thrillers and this is right up my alley. And the descriptions of Ireland are a bonus as I have always been intrigued by the country. The cover is also beautiful and fitting. Thanks for the amazing review.
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Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka
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Post by Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka »

Interesting story. I'm guessing his skateboarding skill would be the one that save the day. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Kajal_D »

The Irish Skateboard Club, sounds like the story of Michael and Ireland. Plot seems geniune and your rating of the book is making me want to give right into it. Plus, smuggling of icons and humans? A perfect plot to read. Can't wait to read this one!
Victoria Zoe
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Post by Victoria Zoe »

The review was well-written and talks about the American student: Michael Callahan who was adopted by Irish-American parents who preferred he work in a company than become a snowboard coach. For me, parents should allow their children whether adopted or biological to follow their passion in life because they will excel in life with it. Congrats on the book of the day.
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Sameena Ansari
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Post by Sameena Ansari »

The Irish Skateboard Club seems like a thrilling read, with its mix of adventure, friendship, and crime. I'm curious to discover how Michael navigates his Irish journey and if he succeeds in busting the syndicate.
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Chrystal Oaks
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Post by Chrystal Oaks »

This young adult thriller sounds like it is well-written, has interesting characters, and just enough criminal suspense to keep it engaging. Great review!
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Annette Boateng
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Post by Annette Boateng »

The story is very encouraging and has some inspirational words for all readers. However most readers will enjoy reading this novel and l also recommend it to teens too. Great review.
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Harty Muli
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Post by Harty Muli »

I like knowing about other cultures, so I appreciate it's a book based on the Irish culture. It will be interesting to find out how the protagonist, Michael, faired after being adopted by the Irish couple. Thanks for the review.
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Jeff Kanda
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Post by Jeff Kanda »

After several attempts and failing to master it, I've finally agreed that I can't skate... Anyway, I thought this book was all about about skating but I've realized I isn't the case... Thanks for the detailed review.
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Ajiferuke Ajibola
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Post by Ajiferuke Ajibola »

The story sounds interesting. I really would like to know what happened to Michael at the end. A book with a compelling first page and a strong plot. Congrats to the author on BOTD. Insightful review.
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Post by mrlefty0706 »

“The Irish Skateboard Club” by Brinn Colenda is a story about Michael Callahan, an American student in Ireland. Michael was an expert snowboarder and skateboarder so his dream was to become a snowboard coach. He was born in Bolivia and adopted by an Irish-American family that wanted him to go to college and get a real job after graduation. While drinking at a pub in Dublin with Ciara he overheard a conversation between a Russian and a few Italian criminals about smuggling stuff through Ireland. Michael devised a plan to follow these men to their warehouser and then inform the authorities about their activities. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Would Michael succeed and get this crime ring arrested? Would success enhance his self-image and prove himself to his parents? This is categorized as a young adult book but it has a great plot and setting that should appeal to adults as well. A well written fast-moving action thriller with a very good review.
Danny Anderson
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Post by Danny Anderson »

This book seems to be a thrilling blend of adventure, friendship, and crime, set against the backdrop of Ireland's captivating culture and scenery. Thanks for the review.
Atieno Magero
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Post by Atieno Magero »

I like that The Irish Skateboard Club has a well developed storyline and characters. The author added many twists and turns that make the story more enjoyable to read. I'm curious how things will turn out for Michael in the story. Congratulations on making botd!
Dalia Chf
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Post by Dalia Chf »

A book that looks like a story about young people skating, but turns out to be a riveting mystery full of twists and turns. I also love everything about Ireland so this book is so interesting to me! I hope Michael succeeds in bringing down the bad guys!
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