Review of The Mage Destinies

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Azuka Jessica
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Review of The Mage Destinies

Post by Azuka Jessica »

[Following is an official review of "The Mage Destinies" by Brett Galen.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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We have often seen in movies how tampering with the timeline distorts the timeline and poses consequent dangers to the individual.

After the usual uneventful creative writing class, Tessa Colvin feels a pain in her stomach. After that, she begins to feel funny and hear herself, except that it is a different person. Tessa freaks out, and this voice helps her get out of school and explains the situation to Tessa. The voice she was hearing was that of the future Tessa, who entered the body of the present Tessa just as she was about to die. In the future, Tessa’s brother kills them all, including himself, in an explosion that happened when he was fighting some Fayes. Now, the future Tessa was here to prevent that from happening. How does Tessa assimilate and react to this? Will future Tessa successfully prevent this misfortune? Read this book to find out.

I wondered where the daydreamer in the book’s title came from, but I understood and found out as I read on. Tessa was a daydreamer, and everyone at school knew this. I must say that I have so much in common with Tessa in terms of daydreaming. I love the relationship between Tessa and those around her. She had an incomplete but loving family that had each other’s back. Tessa and her best friend Megan started healthy practices of encouraging one another, which I admired. I also enjoyed the banter between Tessa and Petunia and Tessa and Ashley.

The Mage Destinies: Path of the Daydreamer by Brett Galen is a fiction novel that features the supernatural, magic, family, and combat. I was amazed at how the book and the arrangement of events became clear. It was well-planned.

What I didn’t like about the book was that there were a few loose ends. For example, the author did not reveal Megan’s identity. It remains a mystery. With the way the book ended, I don’t know if the author is planning a sequel. I also had some difficulties understanding the conversation initially, but I adjusted. However, these are not enough to deduct a star from this book’s rating. I only found a few errors while reading it, which shows that the book was professionally edited. Therefore, I rate this book five out of five stars for the positive reasons mentioned above.

I recommend this book to young adults and lovers of books about magic, superheroes, and villains. The book contained an average of violent, sexual, and profane scenes, as the author intended to appeal to a wide range of readers.

The Mage Destinies
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

I usually like stories about time travel. This one just has a strange plot, even for me. I’mm just not sure how Tessa should deal with or feel about hearing herself from the future.
Gabriele Mattia Leonardo
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Post by Gabriele Mattia Leonardo »

The Mage Destinies: Path of the Daydreamer by Brett Galen is a story that tells you about different sides to time travel. I really enjoyed the book.
Temi book
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Post by Temi book »

I like this; the concept of time travel. You know, people who daydream can only get by that way. I’ll love to read this. How was the Future Tessa able to help? Well-written review!
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Jay David Randall
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Post by Jay David Randall »

The summary of this review Is Interesting, I don't believe a future voice speaking in Tessa can ever be true irrespective of my belief in science but I enjoyed the review. I do intend to know how she plans to stop the incident that
caused her demise in the future.
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Success Azuka
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Post by Success Azuka »

Nice one. You really drew a suspense line at the end of your summary. Looking forward to reading this book. I want to know the full story about this Tessa. Thanks for your review on The Mage Destinies.
Agbata Trust-
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Post by Agbata Trust- »

One really need a careful reading to understand this book. As it has to do with time travel. I do enjoy this kind of book but the it's always a slow pace read for me. I enjoyed your review.
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Ms Chet
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Post by Ms Chet »

Your review had me fascinated by the incredulous nature of this story.
Hearing oneself is one thing, hearing a future self is another.
I would love to know how it ended with Tessy.
Thanks for the amazing review.
Declan Shelby
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Post by Declan Shelby »

This book is one that is read carefully and while reading you'd get to see spots that are most intriguing. I really enjoyed this book.
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Post by 3mperor »

The concept of time travel is always fascinating to read! Great thrill, awesome review and just the right book to get my hands on.
Lily Chi
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Post by Lily Chi »

A book that features supernatural, magic and superheroes is a book that I would love to try out. This looks like a book that will keep the reader on edge and I love trying out books like that. Thank you for this review.
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Post by DominicSavyo »

Day dreaming is something that doesn't happen to me very often. Except when I want to induce it voluntarily. But to read about a person who does it all the time is quite an eye opener.
Anthony Ekemezie
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Post by Anthony Ekemezie »

A book that contains magic, superheroes, and villains is definitely one I find entertaining. Tessa seems like an interesting character and I would love to read more about her encounters.
Goodness Azuka
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Post by Goodness Azuka »

This summary is a fascinating and catchy one. I personally love books about the supernatural. I can see myself in Tessy already. I'll sure love to read this piece. Well-written review.
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Post by Reader_noc »

Science fictions centered on the future, time warps and distortions are always a pleasure to read. I wonder if Tessa would be able to stop her brother before it is too late.
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