Unfinished Novels?

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Unfinished Novels?

Post by cooltodd » 31 Jan 2007, 07:38

The unfinished novel is the common sign of the aspiring writer. Even established authors often have a collection of unfinished novels.

Do you have any or some? What's it about? Do you plan on finishing it?

Do you find it easier to start a piece of writing than it is to finish it?

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Post by sleepydumpling » 01 Feb 2007, 04:22

I have several. I also have two finished ones that I just think are crapola.

I'm not sure I'll ever be an author, but I do have a compulsion to write.
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Wicked Betty
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Post by Wicked Betty » 01 Feb 2007, 17:13

I have one at the moment that has me so befuddled I don't know what to do. GO back and revise, or finish it first. I know it's decent, but at the moment it's in first adn third person, which I know is total crap. i just can't decide if I want in in first or third. Ideas???

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Post by SethLeonst » 07 Feb 2007, 03:55

I have quite a few unfinished novels. Sadly, those have become so confusing they have found their places lost on my hard drive. Don't edit. Just keep writing until its finished.

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Post by msstroda » 15 Feb 2007, 15:47

I have a number of unfinished novels. I feel they will be wonderful when finished, I just don't seem to be able to find the time to finish them all. :?

To Wicked Betty, pick either/or. Either first or third person. Then it may begin to make sense to you, IMO. :)

Toni Stauffer
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Post by Toni Stauffer » 10 Mar 2007, 12:51

I have a few. I plan on finishing all of them. But my priority right now is my novel DYING MOON. I'm trying to finish the rough draft by summer's end because I want to show it to friends at a large convention I'll be attending.

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Post by kaytie » 10 Mar 2007, 19:35

I have an unfinished novel. I started and abandoned it in high school. It was meant to be a fantasy trilogy in which my protagonists would save the kingdom and restore magic to a country that looked like France with Spain chopped off.

Highly original, I know. :roll:

I can still see all the characters clearly in my imagination even though it has been a good 12 years since I last wrote in those pages.

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Post by Kyle22 » 13 Dec 2007, 07:49

There's probably more unfinished novels in the world than finished ones. It's a shame to put so much work into a novel and then not finish it.

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Post by AstonWest » 14 Dec 2007, 18:46

I have entire directories of unfinished novels and stories in various stages of completion.

Sometimes you just realize partway in that a storyline just won't ever go anywhere.

Sometimes you just don't have enough hours in the day to get to them all...time is precious, and must be used on the work you believe the most in.

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Post by Syrcco44 » 29 Mar 2008, 00:33

I have so many unfinished novels, it's not even funny - and the list of novels I have been aspiring to write always grows - why even today I suddenly got a whacking of inspiration and wrote a beginning paragraph for another one of my nonexsistant novel that I have no idea where it will go. I would love to elaborate on it all and tell what I have started but the list is waaay too long. Don't want to bore.

I remember, however, starting a novel around middle school and it was about a slave girl who escapes with her mother to the North - that's been done - a lot. So I dropped it. I still have it though - just for amusement and what not but I have so many other novels that are more important so that's my direction.
Kyle22 wrote: There's probably more unfinished novels in the world than finished ones. It's a shame to put so much work into a novel and then not finish it.
Wow. That's so true. And yes, it is a huge shame to go to all that work and not even finish it. I'm so happy, though because the novel that I started in 7th grade has finally reached it's first draft - so even if I don't get to the final copy it will still be finished one way or another. It hit a huge dormant stage though, and for a long while I thought it died but then I picked it back up again. I think it's worth it to finish one unfinished novel, though - it's a great accomplishment - even if you don't get published.

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Post by Amagine » 27 Mar 2017, 11:11

Its always easier to begin a story than it is to end it. I have tons of unfinished stories that I keep promising myself that one day, I will return to. Something just always happen right in the middle of the story. I would have my beginning and I'll know the ending but that middle part... That's the reason I can never seem to finish most of my longer stories.
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Post by Rebeccaej » 29 Mar 2017, 09:49

I'm halfway through my second draft, and I'm kinda loosing steam...
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Post by Christina O Phillips » 12 Apr 2017, 11:59

I have a few unfinished novels not because I lost interest, but because I know I can't edit my own work properly.

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Post by katiestardis » 25 Apr 2017, 15:12

I have an unfinished contemporary fairytale that I haven't touched for a couple months. I will get to it eventually. I hit a point where I decided to go back and change the personality of the main character, so it's going to take some work.

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Post by katiesquilts » 25 Apr 2017, 17:46

I used to have a lot more, but after my old computer gave out I lost all but the few I had emailed to myself. I still haven't learned my lesson though... I still don't back anything up unless it's over a few chapters long! I figure if I'm only going to write a few pages and then ignore it for months, I'm not going to make any real progress on it anyways. No big loss if it disappears.

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