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Sanduni Himasha
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Re: What's your favorite genre?

Post by Sanduni Himasha »

poetry and probably mythology
never can choose one
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Post by Superglace »

Fantasy and romance
Kayla Archer
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Post by Kayla Archer »

While in college, my friend and I took 5 literature classes in one semester. I DO NOT recommend that, but it did help me know which classes I actually looked forward to. I found that I really enjoyed adolescent literature, historical literature, and some classics. I'm NOT a fan of the British literature, especially Dickens, but I really loved Jane Austen.
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Post by DamilolAjoke »

Adventure and romance
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Post by Ciri12 »

My favorite genre is Dark Romance, I love the thrill as well as the Adrenaline Rush. I do also prefer erotic books as well as contemporary Romance and Triggering books though I do know it's not everyone's suit. But I can't help but be utterly intrigued by them.
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Daniel A Roberts
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Post by Daniel A Roberts »

I have had many changes in my reading tastes over the decades. Only one genre has me returning over and over again, and it's Science Fiction and Fantasy. I believe it's my personal hope for a crazy-cool future and the escapism into something not seen within our own existence. That there is something different beyond our own world's existence that can make an adventure unexpected in our own mental theater. I can read just about any genre and enjoy the book, but Sci-Fi and Fantasy catches my eye a bit quicker than the others.
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Post by Nedim »

When I talk about genres of books, I can't do it without talking about romance and thrillers. I love romance novels so much and most if the books I have read are in this genres. Thrillers are also my thing but I love more of romance.
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Post by Nedim »

I love reading books on adventures. I love the intriguing stories that come up and the series of events that come up during adventures. One of my favorite adventure books is bluewater walkabout by Tina Dreffin.
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Post by KCWolf »

Fantasy & Cozy mystery.
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Post by FunkyFlowerLady »

Psychological thrillers are my jam.
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Post by Faiso »

I read all genres but I have a special place for thrillers with exciting themes and mysterious plots. The twists and turns keep me going.
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