Do you always use the computer to write?

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Re: Do you always use the computer to write?

Post by marksm121 »

mostly I prefer to write on the computer but when I get some ideas and no computer then I start writing on paper or notebook.
Acalaue Joao
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Post by Acalaue Joao »

Yeah, I do that most of the time. it is the easiest way to write nowadays.
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Post by Wildflowertheorist »

Honestly, I don't like typing as much as writing by hand. It feels comfortable and I have better thoughts.
The pen feels closer than they keypad.
"When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

-Friedrich Nietzsche
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Amber Lytle
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Post by Amber Lytle »

I actually prefer a sketchbook for writing. It offers me the freedom of a blank computer page, but is extremely portable. And sketchbooks are a lot sturdier than a typical notebook for any erasures that need to take place.
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Post by zayyyna »

it depends all on the need of the situation if it's something personal i'll prefer paper , and if it's work computer is always usefull .
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Sohana Hasan
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Post by Sohana Hasan »

Terri2 wrote: 24 Jan 2007, 09:28 I can't write well by hand, but I can type fast, and of course typing comes out neat and clean. Plus, I have spell-checker. So, I usually write everything on the computer. Do you do that? Or, do you write some thing by hand? What do you by hand, if you do?
I rarely, if ever, write things out by hand. Assignments, short stories, poems, some random idea I had that I feel like writing down--it's all done on the computer. I spend a lot of time using a laptop and can type really, really fast there. So I always prefer that.
Maria N 1
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Post by Maria N 1 »

No I wouldn’t say that I always use the computer to write because you will make more mistakes doing if that way . I would say grab some scratch paper and map out ur ideas first
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Post by FJCJ55 »

I start out with writing on paper. It always helps me clarify my mind. I have tried to use the computer before and I always feel like it's not true to myself. There is no passion in it or something. That's why I stick to paper first and follow suit with typing.
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Post by hayisa »

I type faster than I write. Plus, it's neater since I usually delete something because of constant revisions. The features of a computer also help me more in writing that writing by hand can't do. For example, Grammarly and Markdown features.
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Post by Superglace »

If it's a short story, then by hand. Otherwise, definitely computer.
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Post by Nedim »

No! Most times, I don't use the computer to write unless it's something that requires its sole use. I use my phone to do most of my writings of any sort and I find it much easier and fulfilling.
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Post by Nedim »

I don't use a computer to do any writing. That's why my mobile phone is here. Using computers is only when the work requires it. Bit these days, you can do virtually almost anything using your mobile devices. And that's what I use.
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Post by kipper_ »

I'm surprised to find that a lot of people here still enjoy writing on paper for their stories. It definitely encourages a certain level of deliberation with word that other writing machines don't quite replicate, for better or for worse. I like writing by hand for short ideas like poems, but I've found that a computer is much more efficient. (Plus, no worries of hand pain.) Glad to see that I'm not the only one who has used their mobile phone for content too--that's my go-to for out-and-about notes.
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