How to Promote Your Independently Published Book or Ebook

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Re: How to Promote Your Independently Published Book or Ebook

Post by Lady-of-Literature »

This is so helpful. I'm not publishing anything at the moment but I would like to in the future and knowing this could help me avoid worry.
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Post by TLWoodliff »

I'm curious how vending has worked for others. This fall, I'll be going to 4 book fairs. The cost of vending is reasonable, but the traveling? Oiy, that's where it gets questionable.
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Post by AnnaBell81 »

Loved this article. I got to tell my mother this information because years ago she wrote a short kids story and things have changed so much she could get it exposed and read for sure!
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JD Stanley
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Post by JD Stanley »

Solid info. Especially "Make sure your book is very good", because no amount of promotional know-how can make up for bad writing. Reviews carry great weight and if the story is weak, has characters no one cares about or is filled with distracting errors, the reviews will soon tell the tale and effect your sales.
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Kenesha L Fowler
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Post by Kenesha L Fowler »

This is good stuff! I'm writing my first book, and am already thinking of just how am I to go about publishing it once it's finished. I admit to having had no idea, prepared to do lots of research. This is a great start. Thank you for this informative article.
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Post by Dan_Wellock »

A social media account dedicated to your book can really help create a name for yourself. Advertising a books on websites, especially writing and reading websites help as well. It takes a long time to promote, but with enough hard work, you can achieve fame. Of course, your book has to be great as well.
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Post by Pattie2002 »

This was very useful, thank you so much.
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Post by Ndehani »

Very nice article pretty helpful for me aunty as she wants to promote her book
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Post by anitamills293 »

good to know. It's helpful
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Post by Yonefura »

This is great and timely information meeting me here. Finally, I get it; the book cover matters, no wonder people judge a book by its cover. It has also to be able to let the reader know what the book is all about in just seconds.
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Post by Paul7788 »

I think digital marketing is best way to promote.
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Post by beatrice_mom »

Thank you for writting this post. It's really helpful for beginning writers as I am. I've found lots of new and interesting information that made me think about publishing my books.
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Post by marksm121 »

Good article informative and blog post and social media post you will get promoted from there.
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Post by Elisan »

Thanks, Scott for this article. It explains the main points about promoting an independently published book.
We don't forget that keywords are very important when someone searches for a book. It's not a promotional activity, but rather a visible one.
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Linus admin
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Post by Linus admin »

Scott, what I like about this post is the honesty. You note that the book must be very good. I think that's a good point. From my time at copy writing advertising I know even the greatest of adverts can sell a bad product only but once. I will re read this post again more carefully now to note down the suggestions.
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