Are you a quiet person? Are most writers quiet?

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Re: Are you a quiet person? Are most writers quiet?

Post by Lhammamy »

I became a more quiet person after I discovered my love for writing. It was like I just started discovering my true self after it. Although sometimes I'm thought to be a more active person, but I am a typical introvert that finds herself cozy at home with a piece of paper and a cup of coffee.
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Post by emidio125 »

I think I'm both, however, there's a reason for this. Before I learned that I loved reading and writing, I was a talkative person. And I still be. But after I discovered this other side of me, I felt the need to speak less.

Writers usually talk with their letters, texts, paragraphs and books. I do believe that their are not introvert people, what happen is that they have so many things to say that they prefer to write books, so that every thought they have is known by everyone.
Emidio Mikwate
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Post by Emidio Mikwate »

In the past, I used to think that writers were quiet. But now I do not buy that if a person is quiet is because of the personality of that person. I great writers who are very extrovert and others introvert as well,
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Post by Wildflowertheorist »

Linda wrote: 28 Jan 2007, 18:22 yea im not quiet at all unless i just have no idea who you are...and even then i might start a conversation with you. but def. after everyone drinks they are more willing to put themselves out there and talk. i've heard i get louder lol but when i actually am i the process of writing i find i really rather be by myself. i HATE when people try to look at what im writing.
A lot of this is me.
I love love love conversing but I get shy around strangers and warm up to them minutes later. I am always loud I feel but never has anyone complained.
And I definitely hate it when people try to peep into whatever I'm writing. I so disliked the teachers who'd be lurking around while I'm writing the exam. It made me feel awful.
Can't I write an exam in peace!
"When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

-Friedrich Nietzsche
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Post by Millene2004 »

I love to write and I'm definitely not quiet.
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Post by DarellHershey »

As a person with hyperacusis (hearing sensitivity) and ADHD, I really am a quiet person and I also need quiet places to write. I'm not that much of a talker so I just write everything. When my wife and I became parents it was a struggle at first because of the crying and all the stress but I somehow learned to channel that to my writing and I've been writing a lot better. I am also wearing earplugs now made by Big Ear. They are custom made with filters and stuff. It's a must-have for me.
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Post by Quinton Lester »

I am a very quiet and shy person. I started writing poetry to express myself, to say the words that I wouldn't say out loud. It took me years to open up and start sharing my writing even now I still hesitate to
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Post by SavvyWriter36 »

Not necessarily. All writers may not be quiet people but to be an accomplished author you must be loud with your thoughts and express them creatively and clearly.
Mishkah Simons
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Post by Mishkah Simons »

I dont think that all writers are quiet. I am a quiet person and I have so many thoughts, feelings and opinions on my mind that I would find comfort in letting it all out by writing; which is something most people do, I'm sure.
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Post by Elisan »

I write, and I'm a quiet person too. I know there are writers who are "Very Social Persons", and love writing in public and in noisy environments, talking to others about their work. I'm not so, I need silence and solitude.
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Post by EternalD »

Writers, like philosophers, have to have time alone to themselves. I am outgoing, but I have to have alone time to myself sometimes.
Bridgette C 2
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Post by Bridgette C 2 »

I am an introvert and yes, I'm a quiet person. I usually express myself through writing.
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