What is your Motivation?

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Re: What is your Motivation?

Post by prospero1501 »

I think my biggest motivation to write is because I have always been a very creative person who desires to leave behind a family legacy. Of course, I also want to prove to myself that I'm not a loser.
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Post by Amagine »

My motivation to write is my belief that this is my God-given talent and purpose in this world. I personally believe that my purpose in this world is to create a love of reading into children all over the world. I'm purposed to teach and write books that would capture the hearts or children and adults alike. I know all of this sounds too grand but my beliefs are my greatest motivation to write. ????
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Post by katiestardis »

I love writing. That's my motivation. It makes me happy to tell a story and hear people's reactions to it. To have someone ask when the next part of the story will be done makes my heart skip a beat. There's nothing quite like it.
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Post by Victor Rose »

1. I write because I have a story to tell that no one has told yet.
2. I write to overcome my limitations.
3. I write because the voices in my head won't stop until a put their words on paper. :wink:
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Post by Sushan »

I am lazy to write on papers. So mostly I do is typing. I like to spend time with my laptop so, typing stories with that is pretty much bearable since I also have the problem of lack of motivation. Google speech to text is another good way for writing. Just try it
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Post by emidio125 »

amandagrace24 wrote: 19 Jan 2016, 11:31 I've been writing since elementary school, pretty much. I went to an arts high school and had a concentration in creative writing. Since leaving high school, I have had such a lack of motivation lately! How do you guys stay in the zone and feel inspired to write? What helps you get in the mood and actually put pen to paper, or fingers to keys?
I believe there's no a secret portion to keep you motivated. But I normally get motivated by reading someone else's book, listening to music, walking around the streets. But most of the times it happens suddenly.
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