The Goldfich by Donna Tartt - Review & Discussion

Discuss the January 2014 book of the month "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tart.
Jo Ledamun
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Re: The Goldfich by Donna Tartt - Review & Discussion

Post by Jo Ledamun » 16 Mar 2014, 01:34

Jen319164 wrote:I feel this is a cliffhanging adventure of discovering mysteries
Yep, I get where your coming from.

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Post by Tayla » 21 Mar 2014, 15:03

I liked it but it was too long. I like long books but this was unnecessarily long

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Post by Fran » 21 Mar 2014, 15:08

Jen319164 wrote:I feel this is a cliffhanging adventure of discovering mysteries
I must have read a different book :roll:
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Post by tennent10 » 25 Mar 2014, 16:08

I have not yet read the book. I am picking my copy up tomorrow and I can't wait. I have heard only good things about this book.

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Post by katielgorton3 » 31 Mar 2014, 17:34

gali wrote:
Fran wrote:First off let me say I loved The Secret History & The Little Friend but I have to say I was disappointed with The Goldfinch. Not that the story isn't a good one well executed but IMO the book suffers from a lack of editing and could have been about 200 pages shorter. I loved the analysis of great paintings and I really liked the detailing of the coincidences and accidents that dicated their survival for us today.
The book opens in a hotel room in Amsterdam and then moves backwards in time to New York and a major traumatic event that dictates the subsequent life of a young boy, Theo, and everyone associated with him. Following this event there is a description of the disordered condition Theo finds himself in which IMO is one of the most powerful pieces of descriptive writing I have ever read but the rest of the book was in many ways tedious reading and I honestly could not wait to get it finished.
I liked the story, I liked the characters but, for me, the book as a whole package suffers seriously from a lack of editing and for that reason I would give it a 3/5* rating.
I loved the "The Little Friend", but quit "The Secret History". I didn't start this book as yet, but based on your review I won't be in any rush to read it. I don't have patience for tedious reading.
I haven't read this book yet, but the talk of how much detail is in this book peaks my interest. While sometime I get fed up with "tedious reading" i relish long descriptive portions of books!

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Post by lady_charlie » 01 Apr 2014, 19:04

Well, thank you all, because I too had been wondering if I should read this book.

I might when it is cheaper, eh?
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Post by Zannie » 05 Apr 2014, 01:01

When I started this book I was drawn in by its descriptions and events, however towards the end I felt like I was plodding painfully along t get to the end. It felt like a chore to read. With better editing I would have enjoyed this book a lot more. 3/5 stars

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Post by wendyj » 12 Apr 2014, 17:31

I tried to read this one and put it aside. I'm going to give it another chance.

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Post by damla » 27 Apr 2014, 21:33

This book was boring for me.. :(

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Post by PashaRu » 29 Apr 2014, 19:11

If it discusses art & art history, it might be worth a look.
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Post by kio » 30 Apr 2014, 15:40

I do think the dry and tedious part were necessary, but I wish there had been less of them :(
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Post by randomcheerio » 09 May 2014, 12:37

I'm on the waitlist for this book. I can't wait to read it!

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Post by samuyama » 17 May 2014, 09:34

i'm about halfway through this, I'm enjoying it :)

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Post by raindropwriter » 15 Jun 2014, 12:38

I started reading it and drowsed off. Never picked it again.

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Post by allesha » 14 Jul 2014, 11:50

I think I will hold out on reading this book for now.

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