The Movie vs. Book

Discuss the December 2013 book of the month, "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak
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Re: The Movie vs. Book

Post by DakotaA » 24 Sep 2018, 09:13

The movie was beautifully done, and did an incredible book justice in my opinion. That being said, nothing beats the reading a story off of words on a page to me!
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Post by evan1995muniz » 24 Oct 2018, 21:10

I read the book when i was 14. That was a whopping 5 years ago!! it is and always will be my absolute favorite book. I thought the movie was very spot on, the only thing i did not like was that there was a line in the book that was not used in the movie. this happens to be my absolute favorite quote from anything ever.
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Post by Cash-Centered Creep » 02 Nov 2018, 17:21

alexanderian wrote:
25 Sep 2014, 15:54
Was the movie, "The Book Thief" better than the book? It has come out already right? Sometimes the books are way better than the movie.
For me, the book was better. But that is often the case - a lot of detail gets lost in the transition to celluloid, and the way you imagine a particular story playing out in your head often is at odds with what a director decides to do. That's how I felt with Percival's vision for the story. I didn't dislike the film, but I had a different version of the story in my head from reading the book, and that made it jar somewhat.

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Post by Gigareads » 20 Nov 2018, 21:05

I almost always prefer the book to the movie. Books are better because they are able to delve further into the thoughts and feelings of the characters and provide more detail to the story. Movies tend to require a lot of assumptions from the viewer. Often when I watch a film of a book I haven't read I feel as if I am trying to catch up on what the story is about rather than learning from the film itself. So for this reason I usually prefer to read the book first, familiarising myself with the story. Then I like to sit back and watch the film already knowing what it is about. But I try not to compare the film to the book too much otherwise I almost always find myself disappointed that the film doesn't live up to the details of the book.

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