Official Review: The Ripples Spread by Fay Spurgin

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Latest Review: The Ripples Spread by Fay Spurgin
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Official Review: The Ripples Spread by Fay Spurgin

Post by kwahu » 19 Oct 2018, 11:05

[Following is an official review of "The Ripples Spread" by Fay Spurgin.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Amanda had a massive spinal injury sustained from a car accident that left her paraplegic. Despite the misfortune, she had moved on with her life and conducted a successful business from her home. Her husband, Rob Trenton, runs Trenton Industries with Will and Jane Devlin, a company that supplies mining equipment. Rob seems overwhelmed by his intense sexual desire and suggests to Amanda a threesome with Will and Jane. That is when another accident claims Amanda's life.

Even so, Rob goes ahead and tables his sexual threesome proposal to Will and Jane, and before long, Rob's assistant, Brett with his girlfriend Pamela, finds themselves entangled in his plan and soon it becomes incestuous when Pamela involves her Mother, Sister, and uncle. An unexpected lifestyle begins to thrive and gets worse when the gaudy Seb Gazozas joins them. The Ripples Spread by Fay Spurgin is a romance novel that leaves the reader smitten by its over-the-top narrative.

The poetic overture blends well with the story and gets the reader ready for a brilliantly executed story-line in different settings, without going off-track. I was also impressed by the character development which makes the story fun, and the reader can relate and identify with every character introduced. The author is daring enough to introduce romance in sensitive situations. For instance, Brett sleeps with his girlfriend's mother, Will Delvin gets a second wife, and Pamela sleeps with her uncle. These are some of the scenes the reader encounters.

I hated the extreme romance in this novel. It portrays a rotten society at the brink of destruction. Some of us would not want to behold the incest depicted in the book around our communities. Well, I know these shenanigans happen in places around the world. However, I consider them a high level of waywardness. All the same, I commend the author for being courageous enough to concoct a romance novel with such unrivalled candidness. I did not like the sexual soirees where relatives were involved, especially parents and their children. I do not believe our communities are ready to deal with the kind of misfortune such behaviours would bring. I felt like the author went overboard.

While the writing style was simple and easy to follow, there were several run-on sentences that distracted the reading. This book could use professional editing since there were also grammar and punctuation errors, missing and misplaced words. For example, more than once, the author used the word "you" instead of "you're" or "You are." The word "his" is mistakenly used instead of "he." I do not think I can recommend this book to anyone since I felt the author went overboard with this genre. There were no positive lessons to learn from the book. The reader only ends up with a debauched mind. Owing to the aforementioned flaws, I rate the book 1 out of 4 stars.

The Ripples Spread
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Post by Caylie_Cat » 02 Nov 2018, 00:12

Yuk! Thanks for your well-written review and your warning that the themes of this story are not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. I'm sorry you had to read it.

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Post by sonya01 » 02 Nov 2018, 01:33

I think you are being kind when you say "There's too much romance in this novel." :shock: It sounds debauched in the extreme and I'll definitely be giving it a wide berth. It's one thing to stretch the boundaries a little, but this certainly replete with gratuitous sex scenes and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Many thanks for reading this one on our behalf.

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Post by kandscreeley » 02 Nov 2018, 08:29

Romance is not my genre to begin with. Add the incest to that, and I'm definitely going to stay away from this one. Thanks anyway.
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Post by Corhan2 » 02 Nov 2018, 08:48

Thanks for your review. I agree with your comments and thank you for the warning. I will not read this one!

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Post by fredrick otieno » 03 Nov 2018, 01:44

And the worst part of it that the author does make the characters regret their incestuous acts. This has been over done and that is why the author has lost it. Thanks for your review though.

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Post by SamSim » 03 Nov 2018, 07:44

Caylie_Cat wrote:
02 Nov 2018, 00:12
Yuk! Thanks for your well-written review and your warning that the themes of this story are not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. I'm sorry you had to read it.
Those are my feelings as well!
Samantha Simoneau

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Sahar Majid
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Post by Sahar Majid » 04 Nov 2018, 09:50

This story doesn't really seem like it has a plot to it.
Either way, thank you for the review!

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Post by topdan30 » 25 Nov 2018, 08:05

Thanks for taking a bullet for the theme. AM glad you could write a review off it. Great review,

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Post by kdstrack » 06 Jun 2019, 11:44

I appreciate your honest comments about this book. I think I'll pass. These themes are too disturbing.

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Post by Nisha Ward » 20 Jun 2019, 05:57

I won't lie. It had me in the beginning but then lost me when you mentioned the incest. I don't mind stories that are primarily just erotica, but the incest is a definite no for me.
"...while a book has got to be worthwhile from the point of view of the reader it's got to be worthwhile from the point of view of the writer as well." - Terry Pratchett on The Last Continent and his writing.

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