Official Review: Somewhere a Tree Grows

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Official Review: Somewhere a Tree Grows

Post by kimmyschemy06 »

[Following is an official review of "Somewhere a Tree Grows" by Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Somewhere a Tree Grows is a poignant romantic novel written by Kipling Keats de Magi/Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.

Frederick Norman is the youngest partner in one of the greatest law firms in New York. At only thirty seven and engaged to the daughter of the man who gives his firm half its income, he is among the most highly successful young men and is admired extravagantly. He is painfully smart which makes him naturally confident to the point of arrogance. Then, he meets Dorothea Hallowell, a nobody; an obscure entity; a mere ten-dollar-a week typewriter whose obscurity equates her to a typewriting machine. For Norman, however, she is a mystery with ever-changing persona that bewitches him to the brink of obsession.

Told in the third person perspective and with a steady pacing, this book is the quintessence of an exquisite love story. Besides love, the author features a multitude of subjects including obsession, eccentricity, prejudice, discrimination, naiveté, willpower and acumen among others. Moreover, it is a treasure trove of life lessons and food for thought like:

“The value of anything is not its value to itself or in itself but its value to someone else” and

“We never know what there is in us until circumstances bring it out.”

The book actually reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey but without the obscenity and perversion. The plot is unpredictable making the book very difficult to put down. It is written in the style reminiscent of classic book authors, with ample back stories and well developed and memorable characters, and though the ending is seemingly plain and simple, I find it perfect.

Naturally, my favorite character is Frederick Norman. He is exceptionally good in what he does. He knows what he wants (as well as what he doesn’t want) and is willing to do everything to get it. He owns up to his mistakes, doesn’t blame anybody, and faces the consequences of his actions. Also, he has a good relationship with his sister.

While the part of the book I like most is Frederick Norman’s self-redemption, the most important part, for me, is the depiction of the reality of prejudice, discrimination, manipulation and opportunism.

Needless to say I enjoy this book immensely. I love the portrayal of the snobbishness of the wealthy people; the pain of wounded vanity; the triumphant rise from the ashes of failure and the realization of dreams and true love.

However, the writing style of this book is too formal to be an easy read. It requires vast vocabulary, focus and undivided attention, and a certain amount of appreciation for satire. Moreover, this book is not for fans of erotic fiction which limits the readership. Finally, there are some noticeable errors within the entire book (like with visible effort collect herself and they don’t deceive themselves with the can’t they pour out).

I, therefore, rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It is a real deal romantic love story that appeals not only to the heart but also to the intellect. I recommend it to readers who enjoy classic love stories.

Somewhere a Tree Grows
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Post by Riszell »

I enjoy this review, very detailed. I'd love to read such book as well. When you mentioned that it is somehow like Fifty Shades, I can't wait to get a copy 'cause I literally couldn't put those series of book down. However I prefer reading books with simple writing style so that kind of lessened my excitement to read the book a little bit.
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Post by joshfee77 »

A smart romance with some life lessons thrown in - sounds like a rewarding read. Excessive use of complex vocabulary can be distracting, however. Thanks for your detailed review!
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Post by Samantha Simoneau »

Great review! I want to read this. I enjoy classic romances that make you think and I appreciate that it isn't erotica. Thanks for the recommendation!
Samantha Simoneau

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Post by ParadoxicalWoman »

Classic romances is 1 of my favourite genres. When you mentioned this story is unpredictable, I'm sold to this book! Thank you for your recommendation. Great review!
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Post by kandscreeley »

Well gee, I've seen quite a few books that just aren't my cup of tea. This one is another. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'll pass.
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Post by Sahani Nimandra »

A book that involves life lessons and food of though is something worth putting your hands into. They have a lot to offer in return. I was really into your review and found it very interesting. Your review compelled me to check this book out, and the delights of a romance to spice up the story is just what it need to make it captivating. Thank you for your delightful review!
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Post by Ever_Reading »

This sounds like the perfect book for me but I'll be sure to look for my dictionary first. :D Erotica does not row my boat anyway so I'm sure I'll have a good time with this one. Great review, mate!
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Nungari Waithira
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Post by Nungari Waithira »

Sounds like its an awesome book can't wait to read.
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Post by anwidmer »

I love the addition of meaningful quotes from thr book in your review. Gives an insight as to what one can expect to take away from the literature. I thoroughly enjoyed your review!
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Pesh sam
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Post by Pesh sam »

Can't wait to read this sounds like interesting,
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Nungari Waithira
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Post by Nungari Waithira »

Nice review! I like romance wish it were a series ,I would be here waiting for the next episode.
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Post by daniya__shah3 »

I enjoyed reading your review a lot. I feel as if most of the contemporary romances have lost the essence of love and reality and it is very hard to find a love story which sounds appealing. Your review has made this one seem a lot Interesting to me. I think I should give this one a read sometime.
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Post by victory22 »

Seems exciting, and would love to see what went down between these two.
Nice write up.
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Post by Nimat87 »

Engaging review! One thing that made me lose interest in romance novels was the fact that the stories became somewhat cliche and predictable. I appreciate the fact that this isn't. I don't like erotic fiction either, so I guess I'll enjoy this one.
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