Official Review: Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman

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Official Review: Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman

Post by Acwoolet » 07 Jun 2018, 16:38

[Following is an official review of "Her Viking Heart" by Heidi Herman.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Heidi Herman’s Her Viking Heart will take you on an incredible journey full of twists, turns, and surprises that will leave the reader guessing and yearning for more. When secrets are discovered that are so shocking it could leave one breathless, there is only one thing to do, unravel it in anyway possible. Secrets, deceit, and the burning beginning of a new love, Her Viking Heart will take you on a wonderful adventure.

As Anna Miller learns to cope with the loss of both her mother and her father, she discovers a family secret that has been buried for generations. A secret that not even her parents had known about until right before her fathers death. In her journey to seek answers to her families secret, Anna is led to a small town in Wyoming, where she not only finds a plethora of answers, she also discovers a man that just might steal her breath and her heart away. When past and present battle for her attention, she must decide what matters the most; her families heritage, or her future love.

I connected with this story from the very first page, I felt as if I were swept away and what was happening in this novel were the only things happening around me. In some sense I could relate to Anna’s families story, maybe not the part about having deeply hidden secrets, but the secret itself. Without giving any spoilers, I feel like many readers could relate to this story and its characters.

The main characters were amazingly well rounded, with intriguing back stories. I felt as if I could be best friends with Anna and would be cheering her on throughout her quest and to hopefully find love. Each and every minor character only added to the story, there weren’t any unnecessary fluff characters. Throughout Anna’s travels I was able to witness countryside that I have yet to visit myself, but through the author’s storytelling, I feel as if I have already seen it. The dialogue was witty, fun, and genuine. I loved this novel from start to finish. The book is incredibly well written, with maybe two or three errors throughout the entire book that weren’t really noticeable and didn’t take away from the story.

I can only say good things about this novel, I haven’t been sucked into a book like this in a long time. I would definitely recommend this book to romance readers or anyone just looking for a good book. Because of this I wholeheartedly give Her Viking Heart a 4 out of 4 Stars.

Her Viking Heart
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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 08 Jun 2018, 07:11

I like the idea of discovering a secret that has been buried for generations. What made this book is more appealing to me is when you mentioned there's romance included. Thank you for your review.
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Post by kandscreeley » 08 Jun 2018, 08:08

I'm curious to know what the family secret is. With the characters being so wonderful, I'm not sure how I could skip this one. Thanks so much for the review. I'll have to look into it.
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Post by cristinaro » 08 Jun 2018, 10:46

I'd like to know more about the time and setting of this novel. You've already mentioned that romance and mystery intermingle and keep the readers' interest at a high level. I wonder what Anna's secret has to do with her past and how it can change her future. Thanks for your review!
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Post by Ever_Reading » 08 Jun 2018, 10:52

I'm a romance reader looking for a good book, so I guess this book is a perfect fit for me. :D I also have to find out what that secret is!

Awesome review, mate.
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Post by kfwilson6 » 08 Jun 2018, 13:07

I love books that involve unraveling family secrets, and I am always up for a good romance.

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Post by Kemunto lucy » 08 Jun 2018, 13:53

Sounds like a very nice book. I will check it out. Your review is awesome.

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Post by judithcarol » 08 Jun 2018, 14:10

Sounds interesting,a little romance and secrets creates curiosity. Would love to read more

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Post by judithcarol » 08 Jun 2018, 14:18

Deep family's secret and recovering from a loss through death ,by finding romance in a beautiful country,I love such stories.

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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 08 Jun 2018, 21:50

Seem to develop a lot curiosity to in it. I wonder what the deep secret is about. I wonder what the past is and the value that holds compared to the person that she is in love with. Is it a worth sacrifice or not. Like to know what kind of a decision she took. Thank you for your review!
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Post by arcie72 » 08 Jun 2018, 22:54

This sounds like a wonderful read. The imagery and story line has intrigued me. I love that you were able to get lost in this book. To me that is a great hallmark of a well written book. Thank you for your honest and informative review.

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Post by joshfee77 » 09 Jun 2018, 06:51

An immersive novel with a family secret, romance and witty, realistic dialogue sounds like a very well-written book. Thanks for your informative review.

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Post by jconnolly2018 » 09 Jun 2018, 08:48

This is a definite read for me, thanks for such a descriptive review! I love books that give enough detail of the characters that it makes you feel as though you know them personally and gives you a sense of being right there with them in the story. I know the struggle of dealing with the loss of a parent, and everyone handles it differently. It does change you and the way you look at things. I am also curious to see how Anna's families secrets and her possible romance plays out.

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Rose kunyusa
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Post by Rose kunyusa » 09 Jun 2018, 12:04

You've just raised my spirits and urge to read this book especially when you talking about those secrets and the way Anna would be torn in between the family's inheritance and the love of her life

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Post by Walter991985 » 14 Jun 2018, 01:34

I just want to find out if Anna was finally carried away by the man you talked if in the review. So just have to read that by myself.

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