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Latest Review: "Heartaches" by H.M. Irwing

Review by Scolletapie -- Heartaches by H.M. Irwing

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Heartaches" by H.M. Irwing.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Have you ever had an experience of sexual assault? Have you ever been in love with a person whom you share the same fate?

Heartaches: Bad boy vibes is a romantic fiction book written by H. M. Irwing. The book is set in Melbourne, Australia bringing on board two main characters that had a painful past, depicting the theme of love and rape.

Anna Walter-Simmons fall in love with Matthew Prestons. Six months down the line with her lover, she felt betrayed when love and trust turned sour. She was raped by the Prestons’, who includes the father to Matthew, Peter Preston the brother, Jason Preston and the “lover” all in one night which made her heartbroken and traumatised. She would spend time locked in her bedroom and she could not wish to share this with her mother not even her friend Yasmin whom they used to share personal issues with.

Rafael Luis Brown, an ex-army commando came back from Syria. Anna felt she got her saviour, weeks after the experience. Rafael had a similar experience of rape back in Syria and wished he would seek justice. A similar drug used to drug Anna was used on him by his commander, Captain Eric Dayton. However, he first took action in finding justice for Anna’s case against the Prestons. When the two met, their eyes would tell that both had a shadow of pain that needed to be cleared. Anna moved in to stay with Rafael as they seek justice. They became lovebirds with much hopes to better each other but their painful past couldn’t diminish their minds.

The development of new characters made me want to read more to know their role and understand what will happen next in the course of finding justice for the latter. H.I. Irwing would state, “They may have hit a bump on the road, but the ride was far from over.” I liked the author’s choice of words, the imagery in his writing was so moving. At times I would cry when I relate it to real life. Heartaches was a steamy read for me.

I would not recommend this to people with rape experiences.The relation of assault, pain and romance may not be the best for you. Each chapter has the aspect of love and pain. I did not like how the book ended. It leaves the reader too hanging. H. M. Irwing would have solved some issues and give it a good conclusion for a continued book. I also expected Anna to have acquired some happiness and her bitter past be past.

However, the book is professionally edited. Grammatical errors are not much and where there are,you can catch up with what the Author meant. The few punctuation error and spelling mistakes does not make the book loose its meaning.

I rate Heartaches by H. M. Irwing 3 out of 4 Stars. The flow of events , how the author unfolds them , relating one event with another and the choice of language makes it better than good .It taught me about blind dates, molestation and drugging. Some pleasures are not natural but induced. I recommend this book to mature adults. Be ready to stomach romance and orgies. I can't wait for book two.

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Latest Review: "Heartaches" by H.M. Irwing

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