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Review of The Deception

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[Following is an official review of "The Deception" by Sanna Brand.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Sanna Brand's novel "The Deception: The Secret Tales (Book 2)" combines romance and history. Starting in the early nineteenth century (1818), when British nobles were held in high regard, Lady Charlotte, an artist, and Patrick, a naval captain, were forced into a fake courtship due to a misunderstanding by the important nobles. As a result, Lady Charlotte may fall from grace due to societal norms. Both parties intended to end the ruse, but would they succeed given all of the obstacles they would face?

This novel's story included several plot points. Some parts of the novel were oddly satisfying to me—some are gruesome, others are elating. The letters shared by Charlotte and Patrick were a unique way for the author to create their bond, which played an important role in developing their love story. The gruesome parts of the novel in which Charlotte was forced to paint grotesque art by her abductor were both agonizing and interesting because they added depth to the story. The author did an excellent job of putting each character in their proper role without making the book too long and boring. The characters' sense of humor was impeccable, particularly Charlotte and Patrick, making the novel feel like a rom-com movie.

I had little to imagine while reading because the author did very little to express the physical appearance, features, and environments of the interiors and exteriors of buildings, especially given the time period in which the novel was written. I thought this would have helped with overall comprehension of the scene descriptions. I also did not like how the author kept using St. Michael as an excuse to extend the book, allowing him to escape multiple times without being caught.

I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 because I never lost interest while reading. I found no objective errors while reading. Henry and Spider were not educated to have proper speaking skills like other educated characters, so the author had to use intentional grammatical errors in their dialogues, which only added to the characters' realism. The negative aspects I mentioned are subjective and do not justify deducting a star.

The Deception
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“The Deception: The Secret Tales (Book 2)” captivates with its blend of romance and historical intrigue. Sanna Brand’s use of letters to develop Charlotte and Patrick’s relationship adds a personal touch, while the novel’s balance of humor and darker elements keeps readers engaged.

Sanna Brand’s novel skillfully weaves romance with historical drama, using letters to deepen character connections. The combination of satisfying and gruesome plot elements adds complexity, though more vivid setting descriptions could enhance immersion.
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I find historical romance novels to be heartwarming and intellectually engaging, as they blend deep emotional elements with historical backgrounds enriched by cultural and social details. The moments when historical romance novels depict the lives and challenges of their heroes in their era captivate me with passion and excitement, allowing me to live every moment of their emotional journey through time.
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"The Deception” by Sanna Brand intricately weaves romance and historical intrigue. Charlotte and Patrick's fake courtship reviewed against a backdrop of societal norms and unexpected challenges, creating a captivating story of love and deception.
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