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Latest Review: Love BLOSSOMS by Debra King Johnson
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Review of Love BLOSSOMS

Post by Mayang Bature »

[Following is an official review of "Love BLOSSOMS" by Debra King Johnson.]
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2 out of 5 stars
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"Love Blossoms" is a short love story written by Debra King Johnson. It tells the story of Mary and Peter, who met and instantly fell in love. Mary was a young woman working in a grape vineyard, whereas Peter was a man who frequently visited the vineyard unannounced. Every time Peter came, he always made sure that a table was set for Mary, complete with lunch and refreshments for her work. Who is this man, Peter, and why does he always provide food for Mary? Could he have any more secrets to his already-existing mystery?

Because this was a short book, the story did not waste time picking up, and I appreciated the simplicity. Because of this, the plot was simple to follow, with no distractions from branching plotlines. This also aided character development, as each character introduced had their own distinct temperament. Mary was dedicated to her work as a grape picker; her stepbrothers, James and John, were lazy and mean to her; and her mother was a kind woman who wanted the best for her. All of these factors combined to make the story as streamlined as possible, greatly aiding overall comprehension.

Because of the book's short length, I found the narrative to be a little dry and direct; brevity becomes a double-edged sword. Even though the briefness is admirable, it eliminates the opportunity to make the story more descriptive, resulting in a lack of vivid descriptions in my imagination. There were not many unexpected twists, so it felt too dry and predictable. The romance between Peter and Mary, with its cheesy dialogue, made me cringe, and I did not enjoy it. The story, in general, lacked the tension and drama that romance provides. I eventually became bored while reading because the story failed to transport me into its world. However, the poetic expressions were very appropriate and carried weight, leading me to believe that this book would have fared much better as a love poem telling the story of the two lovers.

Given all of the foregoing, I give "Love Blossoms" two out of five stars. It told a fantasy-style love story between Mary and Peter, but its dry and overly poetic nature stripped it of other qualities. Furthermore, while reading, I discovered several errors, indicating that this book could benefit from another round of editing. Unfortunately, I do not believe I would recommend this book to anyone due to the numerous negative aspects I encountered while reading.

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Sandre Lamar
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The book titled "Love Blossoms" by Debra King Johnson offers a sweet, straightforward romance between Mary and Peter. The story’s brevity ensures a fast pace and clear character development, though it sometimes lacks depth and surprise. Despite predictable moments, its poetic expressions add a charming touch to this heartfelt tale.
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Yer takin' a gander at me thoughts on "Love Blossoms" by Debra King Johnson. I reckon this here love story sounds a bit lackluster. The dry narrative and predictable plot made me plum bored, and the cheesy romance gave me the heebie-jeebies. The lack of descriptive language made it hard to picture the tale in me noggin. The errors in the book left me thinkin' it needs a good editin' too. All in all, I give this book a two outta five stars. I can't rightly recommend it to ya. Absorbing narrative, couldn't put it down.
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