Official Review: Behind The Door by A.Gavazzoni

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Re: Official Review: Behind The Door by A.Gavazzoni

Post by sourav15 » 09 Feb 2017, 23:43

It seems like a good thriller with eroticism thrown into the mix for good measure. Nice and thorough review. Thank you.:)
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Post by AmeliaLovesBooks » 10 Feb 2017, 00:42

Doesn't sound like a book I would like, but I'll definitely keep the author in mind in case I ever come across any more of their books.
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Post by GranPeg » 10 Feb 2017, 01:04

I definitely want to put this on my 'want to read' shelf. The first chapters on Amazon and this well written review make this sound very good.

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Post by versatileer » 10 Feb 2017, 03:05

I would love to read Behind The Door by A.Gavazzoni as soon as possible based on your vivid review of this thriller on erotic genre. I like and appreciate no spoiler yet grueling details.

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Post by Anki_Real_Reviews » 10 Feb 2017, 04:22

What an incredible and insightful review! Although I'm not a fan of thriller, I would like to read this one.
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Post by Hneite » 10 Feb 2017, 04:33

Great review, like the realisme of this book.

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Post by Tommie H Odom » 10 Feb 2017, 23:02

Behind the door. This is a good book based on psychotic circumstances. The lawyer, psychiatrist, dead woman and the diary. There are motives and hidden motives. Crime and passion. What is the truth?

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Post by walter7 » 10 Aug 2017, 03:39

Thanks for the review,I enjoyed reading it as a fan of thriller and romance story?
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Post by Eric77 » 05 Sep 2017, 09:59

Being a fan of thrillers and romance I am drawn to this book. I think your review more than sells the book. I am curious to find out how the cases end, the serial killer and of course, Mark. Great review
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Post by klbradley » 05 Sep 2017, 10:15

Thank you so much! This one was great - highly recommended!
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Post by MIRANDILLACA » 19 Oct 2017, 13:23

Thanks for the excellent review. I am starting to read it now, I am into these types of books. I would love to read this one. Thank you! :D

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Post by Whitney Marchelle » 04 Jan 2018, 08:27

Great Review, seems like a good thriller to sink your teeth into, from the review i am excited to see where this story goes. thanks

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Post by Nanig83006 » 30 Mar 2018, 10:35

I'm with everyone else, I also pictured 50 Shades while reading your review. I did enjoy that series to an extent and from the sounds of it, Behind the Door sounds more thought out. For me, the thriller part of 50 Shades fell a little flat. Since this story includes the perspective of both individuals, it must be a more insightful read of their relationship. Thanks for your thorough review.

Eileen R
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Post by Eileen R » 12 Apr 2018, 09:57

Great review.. I look forward to reading this book

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Post by Riszell » 18 Apr 2018, 11:03

Great review! It is very detailed but not to the point of spoiling the story. The combination of the genres and the unpredictability of the story will definitely capture readers' interest.

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