Official Review: Behind The Door by A.Gavazzoni

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Re: Official Review: Behind The Door by A.Gavazzoni

Post by truebookaddict » 09 Feb 2017, 16:53

The mention of erotica gives me pause, as I absolutely do not read erotica. That being said, I'll check out the sample. Thanks for the descriptive and insightful review.
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Post by MarisaRose » 09 Feb 2017, 17:23

So glad you found this book so captivating! Great job on the review!
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Wasif Ahmed
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Post by Wasif Ahmed » 09 Feb 2017, 17:50

A really fantastic and insightful review. This doesn't seem like my cup of tea, though.

Congratulations to the author for getting such a great rating!!?
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Post by afeeztope » 09 Feb 2017, 18:21

excellently catchy

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Post by dosenron877 » 09 Feb 2017, 18:34

I recommend this book for others who enjoy a good thriller, and obviously don’t mind some rather unconventional sex.
Although the reviewer wrote an interesting review that would have made me want to read the book, I also read the sample which led me to disagree with the reviewer's last comment. I have rarely read an author's narration of unconventional sex written in such an uninterested and formulaic way. It was as if the author were filling in a template. This one will be absent from my TBR shelf.

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Post by Majikalone » 09 Feb 2017, 18:50

Wow, what a great story and an equally great review! The story of Carl and Simone is expertly outlined in your detailed review, and I enjoyed reading it. This book reads like a murder mystery, which I love, only with a LOT of sex, lol, but it is well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you!!!

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Post by jamesabr » 09 Feb 2017, 18:52

Realism is usually something that some of the erotic novels I've read lacked, so this may be refreshing! :D
Mark's journal entries sound especially interesting in regards to his and Simone's relationship. Nice review.

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David Nash
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Post by David Nash » 09 Feb 2017, 20:35

I read the opening section and had much the same reaction. Well written with a vague sense of unease that makes you wonder just how much of what she is reading is true and just how much Carl is not saying...

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Pilar Guerrero
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Post by Pilar Guerrero » 09 Feb 2017, 20:38

Thank you very much for your review, I read the first pages of the novel and didn't feel the same interest as you did, and now your review helped me decide on not reading the novel for this is not "my cup of tea".
Thanks again :)

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Post by mratdegraff91 » 09 Feb 2017, 20:39

Wow! Great review. This sounds like a delightful thriller/crime novel. I am curious to read more on Carl and Simone and find out what happened with the couple. I will be adding this to my list of to-read books.
Madison Degraffenreid

Tommie H Odom
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Post by Tommie H Odom » 09 Feb 2017, 21:13

This is a good book from the lawyer Carl to the psychiatrist Simone. The two of them coming together to clear Mark of a sexual crime gone bad. While having sex with the Laura. However Laura lost her life in the process. The sex, murder, sadism, masochism. Only 14% of the population fall into this group.

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Post by tarafarah7 » 09 Feb 2017, 22:01

Thank you so much for your review! I have added it to my WTR list even though I do not really read books in the erotic genre. I am, however, intrigued by the murder case and I am wondering if the other case with the serial killer ties in with it! I guess I'll have to read it to find out...thx!!

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Post by L_Therese » 09 Feb 2017, 22:22

I really like what the review said about the legal terminology. It will add a level of realism to the book and maybe balance out the eroticism for those of us who are less likely to seek out that sort of thing in a novel. Thanks for writing this review; it really gave me something to look forward to as I go and try the sample.

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Post by pamelaeddowes » 09 Feb 2017, 22:48

Sounds like the minute you start reading the book it pulls you in.

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Post by josefina1110 » 09 Feb 2017, 23:39

Thanks for the great review. The book really holds your attention. It is really for mature intellectual readers because it deals with the psychological aspect of the sexual behaviors presented. Congratulations to the author for BOTD.

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