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Park Cherri
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Latest Review: Life After Love by Lorraine Cover

Review of Life After Love

Post by Park Cherri »

[Following is an official review of "Life After Love" by Lorraine Cover.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Kate Covington, a woman in her late forties, endured the loss of her husband, Peter, three years ago. Since then, she has grappled with sadness while attempting to unearth happiness in life. With the unwavering support of her two closest friends, Claudia and Giacomo Amici, she managed to find some solace in her existence. After her husband's passing, Kate resolved to resurrect her long-abandoned dream, aspiring to become a published author of her short, passionate stories. However, her efforts were met with rejection, as publishers deemed her stories not steamy enough. The latest rejection pushed her to seek more intimate experiences, given that her late husband had been her only lover.

In a decisive move, Kate enlisted the help of her best friend, and together, they embarked on a cruise to Spain, setting sail from London. During this voyage, Kate crossed paths with Luca Bell’Angelo, a handsome Italian dance instructor. Luca, a man of peculiar upbringing who disavowed the concept of love, played a pivotal role in Kate's journey toward self-improvement, reigniting the spark in her intimate life. In turn, Kate guided Luca in discovering the true essence of love.

This captivating narrative unfolds in the novel Life After Love by Lorraine Cover, a literary gem that I thoroughly relished. Right from the outset, the dialogue brimmed with vibrancy, each character imbued with a distinct personality and tone, resonating as if their voices could be heard through the pages. The novel effectively portrays how the universe conspires to nudge us toward change, dropping hints through unexpected sources like a radio program or a fortuitous piece of music, as it did for Kate. The deep bond shared between Claudia and Kate left me envious, for such genuine female friendships are a rare treasure. The unwavering support, advice, and camaraderie they displayed served as a heartwarming testament to the beauty of such relationships. Reading this novel only heightened my desire to find a friend like Claudia, someone to stand by me during life-altering decisions, offering both guidance and unwavering support.

Luca initially came across as arrogant, but as the story unfolded, it was a delight to witness his transformation into a better person. He imparted his dance expertise to Kate, who, in turn, showed him the depths of true love. This tale has solidified my resolve to learn the Italian language in hopes of one day experiencing the joy of a cruise like the one described in the novel. The dynamic between Kate and Giacomo (referred to as G in the novel) reinforced the notion that friendships between men and women often evolve beyond mere platonic connections. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel, though be aware that it contains explicit sexual content. Setting aside that aspect, it provides an enjoyable reading experience.

Two aspects left me slightly dissatisfied. Firstly, the novel lacks a clear explanation of how Peter died or the events leading to his passing. A bit more backstory would have added depth to the narrative. Secondly, the absence of any interaction between Kate and her daughter, Chelsea, was noticeable. However, these observations do not diminish my overall rating of the novel, which stands at a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Some scenes provided hearty amusement, eliciting genuine laughter, and despite a few minor errors, they did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

Life After Love
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Estrellita Mohametano
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Post by Estrellita Mohametano »

As I read this love story I myself think that pure love does exist and that also having a very special friends who will support you no matter what happens.I just wonder of the husband the story did not elaborate
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Rachel Sade Scherer
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Post by Rachel Sade Scherer »

This is a great, thorough review. I really love reading stories that include strong female friendships so I appreciate you mentioning this! I'm also glad you included what left you dissatisfied after your read.
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Okewunmi Pelumi
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Post by Okewunmi Pelumi »

Wow, this is interesting. I like it. Well done.
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Post by RutvikPatel »

"Life After Love" by Lorraine Cover is a captivating novel that explores themes of grief, friendship, and self-discovery. The vibrant dialogue and well-defined characters create an engaging narrative. While lacking some backstory and daughter-mother interactions, the book offers an enjoyable reading experience, earning a solid recommendation despite explicit content and minor errors.
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