Official Review: Miss Fancy Pants by Alicia Gargaro-Magana

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Re: Official Review: Miss Fancy Pants by Alicia Gargaro-Maga

Post by truebookaddict » 28 Aug 2016, 18:38

Great review! Not really a genre I like to read, but enjoyed reading your review nonetheless.
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Post by Vermont Reviews » 28 Aug 2016, 18:52

Great review. Good to see that this book made book of the day.

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Post by pharmnut3848 » 28 Aug 2016, 19:26

Amazing review! This book sounds like one I would enjoy!

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Post by cheryltkn » 28 Aug 2016, 19:56

I'm glad to hear it gets better and I was relieved to find out that the first few pages were not typical of the entire book. Not knowing she was dreaming at first made the book seem ridiculous and choppy. I had decided not to bother reading it but you may have changed my mind. I haven't decided because I prefer a book that moves along and tedious will stop me every time.
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Post by claudia-2 » 28 Aug 2016, 20:35

I read the first two chapters of this book and I liked the review because it explained that things are not always what they appear to be. The protagonist in the book is determined to rise above a mediocre life if she could only get out of her way. Good review and I am looking forward to reading the whole story.

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Post by MandalynnJDG » 28 Aug 2016, 20:42

Thanks for the review. I can't believe you went from an okay I'll just read so I can say I finished it to a 4 out of 4 stars! I do hate it when the name isn't used and she can become confusing when referring to other female characters as well. I am glad that you read the book and have added it to my shelf as well!

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Post by AnythngArt » 28 Aug 2016, 21:22

Nice review. I like when characters are embracing their journey, but being called "Miss Fancy Pants" or even "Fancy" doesn't seem like it adds to that message. Glad you enoyed the book, and I do like the cover art.

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Post by hsimone » 28 Aug 2016, 21:25

Great review! It is crazy how quickly the book improved. It's good to know this kind of information for potential readers. Sounds like a read that I might enjoy. :)
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Post by speakerbug » 28 Aug 2016, 21:38

I don't think that this book is really up my alley, but it definitely seems interesting. I'd be interested into diving more deeply into your comment about the main character only being addressed by "she" and the deeper meaning to the theme of the book.

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Post by Bookworm16 » 29 Aug 2016, 00:42

I really enjoyed this review. I felt that the novel was described intriguingly enough that I placed my book on want to read list. I also like that not too much was given away expect the suggestion to give the book a chance and that once you got past the beginning it really was quick a good novel. I love playful romantic novels that have a good plot and not the typical corny love story so as described if this novel has a nice message behind it I definitely want to read.good review!

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Post by dcahill » 29 Aug 2016, 01:35

I'm intrigued by this book's premise..."The protag shall remain nameless." And sometimes I give up on books with a "rocky start." But this one sounds like it's worth sticking with.

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Post by JanLeib » 29 Aug 2016, 02:26

I found the main character to be quite a sad type of person and felt quite sorry for her (she who remains nameless - like Voldemort?), especially when her parents phoned and where once again holidaying - for the 5th time that year - asking her to check on the house and save it from a pot-smoking possible fire-hazard! She seems really lost and lonely, dwelling in her little fantasy life. Also, I wasn't crazy about the way it seemed to bounce around (hmmm ... bit of an unintentional pun there!).

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Post by chandleur » 29 Aug 2016, 04:00

I really loved the beginning of the book, the fantasy with the chandelier. I hoped there would be more of that stuff and I did read the entire review. I wish Clarissa had been elaborated a bit more and the streets and characters too.

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Post by AMY85 » 29 Aug 2016, 04:00

Excellent review, it makes me want to rea the book more than the sample pages. Adventure and romance are my fevorite genres. Can't wait to read the book.

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Post by AT+rmarathon[16] » 29 Aug 2016, 04:33

wonderful review...and I see that you have also read about about the author,which is really good. I feel ,once u research up on an author,it actually helps one to make a link between them and their work depending on why a story is set in a particular place or location ,instead of anywhere else ,or why they have written the novel in a particular way.The idea of having a nameless character could be,that the author wants one to realize that this could be your story too,and is not about some fictitious character that does not exist in real also shows how everyone goes through little insecurities,borrowed identities and being given nicknames - which can be seen as people trying to appropriate another one's identity to suit their fancies. it seems like saying - I want you to be, my version of you

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