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Tony Official
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Review of Treasure Found

Post by Tony Official »

[Following is an official review of "Treasure Found" by Tim Grossi.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Tyler Harrington, heartbroken and cheated out of love and life generally by his ex-girlfriend, travels to another part of America where he hopes to start life from scratch. He buys a house that, unknown to him, has a connection with his ancestral root. He discovers shocking revelations about his relationship with this sweet-potato-producing area, treasures hidden for generations, and most importantly, love. Treasure Found by Tim Grossi is divided into two parts and tells the story of how a young man finds connections to his past, precious gems, and true love. His life becomes the center of attraction after he discovers the existence of age-hidden treasures and history in the house he recently acquired. How will he handle this and his new relationship?

Tim did a very good job in telling this story in a simple, clear, and understandable manner. This is noticed in the division of the book into two parts. The first part, which happened generations ago, enhances a better understanding and appreciation of the second part of the book.

I identified a few negative aspects of the book. First, the author did not employ the literary tool of suspense in telling the story. There is nothing to anticipate, no plot twist, or even any detail that will make one hooked on the book. Also, the use of foul words and profanities was so much in the book. There were only a few events where Serena did not use profanities. Also, the abilities of some of the characters in the book were exaggerated and made to be more unbelievable than what is obtainable in real life. For example, it is incredulous to say that Aunt Pia, at the age of ninety-five, could still do all that she did in the book, which included cooking.

There are positive aspects of the book also. The book teaches important life lessons like love, contentment, joy, and support from friends. This is exemplified in the almost-brotherly relationship Virgil maintained with Zack and his family. Zack had even given up his life to maintain a secret between both families. Also, I loved the relationship between Serena and her friends on the one hand and Tyler and Kathy on the other hand. Although the book is entirely fictional, there are notes at the end of the book which show the amount of research the author had invested in giving this piece of fiction a touch of reality.

I found the book interesting; nevertheless, the storyline is not captivating enough. There are also a few errors that can be found in the book. This shows that the book was professionally edited. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I deducted a star because of the negative aspects I had talked about. I recommend this book to lovers of history, love, and treasure discovery.

Treasure Found
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Chimereucheya O
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Post by Chimereucheya O »

Well, your review is good and sincere but I feel that some of the things you are against aren't quite bad. Like, I think it's possible for a 95-year-old to cook.
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Rosa Joy
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Post by Rosa Joy »

Tyler manages to stay afloat when things were falling apart. Great review.
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messi's team is great and the team work is very solid and compact..i like having a team like this,
I really like great team work,
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Post by Obedchinedu »

This is a very concise review. I love discovery novels that are endowed with suspense. From your review, this may not go down well for me.

Thank you for your honest review
Richard Azubike
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Post by Richard Azubike »

As a lover of history and I am a person that likes to discover new things. I found this book very interesting. Your review was exceptional, you gave a good account of the book.
Gayan Nirasha
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Post by Gayan Nirasha »

This is an exceptionally compact survey. I love revelation books that are supplied with tension. From your survey, this may not go down well for me.

Much thanks to you for your legitimate survey
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Post by Profeddy05 »

In my opinion, a romance novel without suspense is not worth the time. Great review!
Akinola John
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Post by Akinola John »

This is a story about a young man that was once cheated on and heartbroken by her ex-girlfriend but later finds a new relationship, and age-hidden treasure in the house he recently acquired. The story lacked a plot twist but was narrated understandably. Thanks for the review.
Ezidimma 01
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Post by Ezidimma 01 »

Intriguring how something from the present will have a connection to the past with the treasures toon. Great review.
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Shifah HN
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Post by Shifah HN »

I love stories filled with suspense. Thanks for the nice review.
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Post by Lawrence+2 »

I love the book because it contains a while lot of suspense. Nice review.
Maliha Naveed
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Post by Maliha Naveed »

The story and the events indeed seem a bit unreal as you have reviewed. Thanks for the honest review.
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Post by Knitkat »

This does seem like an interesting book, but the lack of suspense is a large drawback. Thank you for the informative review!
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Ivan Mukaaga
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Post by Ivan Mukaaga »

"Also, the use of foul words and profanities was so much in the book. There were only a few events where Serena did not use profanities". Thanks you for the informative review. This really helps the reader to be aware of what he is reading.
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