Official Review: Just Dreams by L.J. Taylor

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Official Review: Just Dreams by L.J. Taylor

Post by rida » 18 Sep 2014, 01:27

[Following is the official review of "Just Dreams" by L.J. Taylor.]
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Thomas Wilkes, an employee to Peachtree Consulting, one night driving recklessly and at very high speed kills Charles Morgan’s wife and his unborn daughter. Peachtree provides assistance and support to the federal government in operations all over the world and he is used to getting away with everything with the help of little money or by wiping out the person causing him problems. But things won’t work this way with Charles Morgan, an ex-Marine who is thirsty for revenge.

Kathy Brooks is a lawyer who has dealt many cases as a second hand but this is the first time she is taking the lead. She is beautiful and smart but has no great luck at relationships until she meets Charles, a good-looking man who has an effect on ladies and knows it. He hires her as his attorney and makes it clear at the start that he won’t take any settlement for his loss and won’t rest until he is given justice. But that’s not all he wants and is hiding his original intentions from Kathy.

Wilkes was involved in some illegal activity of CIA when he killed Patricia Morgan. So things get interesting when Peachtree and CIA start pulling every string they can to make this claim go away. They are not willing to provide information of that night claiming that it will endanger “National Security” and start to built pressure on Kathy’s firm and on other clients, put 24 hour surveillance on Charles and Kathy to get their hands on any information they could and use it against them and if that all fails then there is still one last option to get rid of them permanently. Meanwhile Charles and Kathy are searching for some dark secrets of Peachtree on their own. During their research Charles comes face to face with an old CIA fellow from his past who nearly got him killed once and is going to him trouble again. This guy is dangerous as hell and silent as ghost. And Charles knows that involvement of this person in his wife’s case will only make things harder.

But the main problem is that while working together, Kathy and Charles begin to like each other and their attraction grows with time but they know that building a relationship can damage this case and destroy Kathy’s career. But will they be able to overcome the attraction they feel? What if Peachtree uses this against them? What does Charles really wants from Peachtree and will Kathy be always blind to his intention?

Just Dreams is a light suspense novel with sweet romance in it dealing with Marine, CIA, FBI, law firms and secret agents all at once. This is the first book written by L.J Taylor but despite that the story has a great plot and maintains it till the end. I liked how Taylor has made Charles a mysterious character and reader gets to know him in little bits throughout the novel while Kathy was crystal clear from the start. I loved this contrast in both of the leading characters and the way their chemistry grows.

I am giving it 3 out of 4 stars. One less star as at some points I didn't liked the writing style as there were just dialogues and lesser details but otherwise its a great book and I really enjoyed the story and characters.

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