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Review by Cynthia Ray -- The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Jo...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden" by Londyn Skye.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden by Londyn Skye is the first book in the Slave Prodigy trilogy. It tells the story of 23 years old Lily who is a very talented pianist blessed with the much desired but rarely found gift of perfect pitch. This is a gift that if utilized pretty well can put her on the map and have her name mentioned alongside people like Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, etc. But that is not to be because she is a slave. A slave whose master would rather have his tongue cut off than let one of his slaves receive the satisfaction and pride that comes with being looked at by others as nothing more than a dirty dog. Despite this being the case, good fortune (or so it may seem) smiles on Lily and her skill causes her to go on a journey of self-discovery. A journey that is filled with surprises that she would never have ever imagined. A journey filled with joy, pain, love, and tears.

My most liked thing about the book is the fact that Londyn Skye added excerpts from the abolished Slave Code. Were these laws wicked, despicable, and repulsive? Yes, they were (and still are), but putting these laws helps put into perspective the hell that slaves back in the day went through. They definitely help her readers understand the pain that people of color feel whenever their history is mentioned today and it helps us feel more empathy towards their cause.

Because of how beautifully written and narrated the story told is, I cannot say that I disliked anything about the book. Unbelievable right? It is, but it’s the truth. I cannot help but praise the author for doing a perfect job (and not many authors get this kind of praise from me).

I will like to award The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden the rating of four out of four stars. I gave this book a perfect score for so many reasons. The first of them is the fact that the story was an interesting read, I can’t say that enough. The second is the fact that I learnt so much about the reality of slaves back in the day. The third is Londyn Skye’s ability to use words to dictate what I felt and she successfully got me to feel a thousand emotions in the course of reading this piece. The fourth is the fact that I didn’t see any typographical error in the book, a fact that leads me to conclude that the book was professionally edited. The fifth is the fact that the way the book ended makes me want to get my hand on the second book in the series (I can’t wait to read that). How then can I not give the book the full rating after the above-mentioned qualities?

I will like to recommend this book to lovers of romance fiction about the age of 16 (because of the many profanities – especially the use of the n-word – and the graphic sex scene contained in the book). In conclusion, I will like to say that if you will like a book that is filled with romance, mystery, and music, whilst also getting educated a little bit about what it was like to be a slave in America back in the day, then The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden by Londyn Skye is the perfect book to read.

The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden
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