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Review by Honey1495 -- The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Jour...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden" by Londyn Skye.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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When your color of skin defines whether you are good enough for something, and when there is no one in life whom you could turn to, do you give up on life or struggle a little more to achieve your dreams? What happens when surrounded by hostility, someone extends a helping hand? You soar and soar high. This is the story of a slave who has nothing but strives to achieve everything.

I give this book The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden by London Skye 4 out of 4 stars.

We meet Lily, a slave girl, who was bought at the auction as a cattle. She is taken to the plantation where she meets a little boy who will be her salvation as well as her downfall! In the little boy, James, Lily finds a companion unlike any other. He is thoughtful and compassionate and sees her as a human being, which is denied to a slave. Their friendship is precious, the crutch helping Lily to stand in her life full of humiliation.

Lily finds that she has a way with the piano. She can listen to any music and replicate it. All this without any formal schooling. That's what will propel her from her life as a slave to the life of a piano prodigy. But the road to fame is not that easy. Will Lily find the success that is her due or will society succeed in pulling down another talent just because she does not conform to their superficial standards of color?

I can't seem to stop applauding this book. I couldn't find any flaw even if I looked through a microscope. The book was exceptionally well-edited. Care was taken not to alter the dialogs, which made the characters' accents easily discernible. Generally, accents are not taken care of in the book, which I happily report was not the case here. It was fun automatically switching from one accent to another effortlessly while the characters chatted.

Every chapter begins with a Slave Code. I don't know if the codes are historically accurate or not, but the codes made me realize how unfair humans can be. The extent of these codes shocked me to the core. I would suggest everyone not skip the code and look at what humanity did to condemn their brethren just for being born with a different shade of skin. The unfairness of these so-called rules feel suffocating. The author has succeeded in reminding us of the depths a human can fall to throughout this book.

Another thing worth mentioning is how the author has captured the essence of every bit of emotion successfully. The whole book was a huge emotional roller coaster. I was laughing, crying, and cursing the characters all through the book. I even had instances where I wanted to reach into the book to slap some characters, though I am not a violent person by any means! It was one smooth ride, though my emotions felt a little battered by the time I finished the book. I wouldn't rate this book as erotica, though there are a few scenes of physical intimacy. The scene was very well written, and there was no crudeness in any of the scenes.

A warning to anyone who has successfully read my review till here and has been swayed to give this book a chance- this book ends in a cliff hanger. I needed the next book the very instance I finished this one. That ending was a curveball I did not see coming. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a romance story and is ready to be invested emotionally.

The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden
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