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Latest Review: The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden by Londyn Skye

Review by Sminnich -- The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journ...

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[Following is a volunteer review of "The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden" by Londyn Skye.]
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The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden by Londyn Skye takes place during the slave period of American. The main female character’s name is Lily. Lily’s mother is a slave also and Lily is taken away from her at an early age, by her father, the owner of the plantation. Lily is bought by a man and taken to his home where she meets his youngest son James. James is the main male character of the book. James and Lily form an unusual friendship that they have to hide. As they grow older their friendship is found out and James’ father does whatever he can to end the friendship, and James becomes harsh with Lily. Lily is devastated and turns to the one thing that brings her comfort. Lily loves to play the piano and becomes a prodigy, hint the title of the book. Lily has to keep this a secret due to her being a slave. When James comes back from medical school though he catches Lily at the piano, and this changes her life.

Eventually Lily finds herself in the home of William, a celebrated piano player of his own rights. William and James want to share Lily’s piano playing with the world and goes about it in an unusual way due to the times they live in. Lily and James’s relationship grows from friendship into something else with many bumps and obstacles. While staying in Williams’ house Lily meets the son of the housekeeper and butler of the house, Elijah. Elijah falls for Lily and there is a small love triangle in the book that makes for interesting times. James struggles to hold his feelings for Lily in, and has frequent bursts of anger.

There are many things I enjoyed about this book. The author has the ability to take your emotions for a roller coaster ride throughout the whole book, especially with James. You first start the book liking him, then hating him to liking him again, and back to hating him. He has trouble standing up against his father and this also affects Lily’s life along with James. Reading Lily’s story with all the ups and downs in it and Lily not letting it affect her life too much is also really amazing. The love triangle between the characters also makes for an interesting read. At the beginning of the chapters, the author puts blurbs of what slaves were allowed and not allowed to do and what could happen to them as punishments. This was an eye-opener for me.

One of the things that were hard to read about the book was how the slaves were treated. I know that things that happened in the book with the slaves actually happened to slaves in real life, and it is hard to read. The author uses language that people during that time spoke and this was hard to read at times also. I will warn you that the “N” word is used frequently throughout the book along with curse words.

This is the first book of a series and trusts me; you will want to keep going after the first book. This book is well edited and I found no grammar mistakes. Towards the end of the book, there are frequent sex scenes that are very steamy. For all the reasons I have mentioned in this review, I am giving this 4 out of 4 stars.

The Prodigy Slave, Book One: Journey to Winter Garden
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Oh!! I loved this book as well! So much so that I ended up reading all three volumes. It was an intense read, I have to say. The fact that so much of the deplorable things about the way slavery has been narrated in the book has happened in reality only adds a dimension to the fictional bit of the story.
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