Official Review: The Soulmate Call by Tiffany Ann

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Official Review: The Soulmate Call by Tiffany Ann

Post by InStoree »

[Following is an official review of "The Soulmate Call" by Tiffany Ann.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Soulmate Call, by Tiffany Ann, is less of a love story that obeys the customs and rules of society and more of a temptational romance packed with the emotions of restlessness, passion, and romanticism. Lisabeth Gilbert is an 18-year-old girl who was ready to enjoy life when it came to boys, but she was keeping her heart “guarded and surround it by six-inch steel walls” until she met “Mr. Right.” Jeffrey Turner is the new guy from the Lonestar Steakhouse, Lisabeth’s workplace. A player by his appearance, Jeffrey was also looking for a no-strings-attached kind of relationship although he already had a girlfriend. And so, they become friends and more. After a few weeks, Lisabeth and Jeffrey, a.k.a Rey, begin kissing. But he starts feeling guilty for cheating on his girlfriend and ends his relationship with Lisabeth.
It’s been months when they met again in the University’s auditorium. Something odd occurs when Lisabeth sees Rey; she hears his voice in her head, telling her that he loves her. She is shocked and surprised from not only seeing him but also from what has just transpired. Rey then explains to her the mind-bending phenomenon of The Soulmate Call. When soulmates who are destined to be together fall in love, they can communicate telepathically by looking through the windows of their souls, each other’s eyes. To call your soulmate is an ancient technique used by his family for many generations. Lisabeth, who felt the Cupid’s arrow pierce her heart when she saw him, becomes scared and startled by this shocking discovery. Moreover, they can communicate in their minds and hear each other’s thoughts without making eye contact. Are there others with the same incredible ability as them?

The love story delves into one of the deepest forms of love — oneness. By constantly changing the point of view between the two main characters, the story gives insight into their perspectives and a better understanding of the feelings shared by men and women when they fall in love. This story magnificently describes the love shared throughout a lifetime, the type that causes butterflies in the stomach. The romantic idea of a soulmate, when voicing one’s thoughts and feelings is unnecessary because the soul calls out telepathically to the other soul, is charming. The book presents the kind of love that is too good to be true, the one that everyone yearns for. The author masterfully combined and highlighted the human sensations that resonate within us all. Bits of wisdom are also sprinkled throughout the novel, such as focusing on the things we have rather than what we are lacking in order to avoid “a state of unwanted depression.”

The author wonderfully incorporated a story within a story that strengthens Rey and Lisabeth’s personal growth and offers an insight into their backgrounds. Lisabeth sheds her tough-girl stance as she falls madly in love with her soulmate. But how will her parents bless a relationship that is advancing so fast that in less than two weeks a wedding is looming? How will they understand this instantaneous love? On the other hand, Rey also grows and matures as a young man, becoming more respectful of women, acknowledging his deep love for Lisabeth, and patiently awaiting the life that they will build together. He realizes a strength and caring within himself that surprises him. It’s amazing how far these two souls grow in their relationship within a brief period of time, like time expanded by encompassing all the stages of their romantic courtship and their wedding day in less than two weeks.

The only shortcomings of the book were the repeated editorial errors and a setting discrepancy where the days were mixed up, which deducted one star from the overall rating.

The book is a soothing romantic read and wins three out of four stars. There was no use of profane language, but a few moderate erotic scenes were described in a delicate manner. After twenty years of daydreaming, Tiffany Ann created a mellifluous love tale with the telepathic perception that any romantic fan might enjoy.

The Soulmate Call
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Post by AtienoMagero »

This seems like an interesting romance book. I really like the storyline. Especially, the soulmate call thing. Great review!
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Post by Mtibza eM »

Mhmm, it sounds interesting book indeed.
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Post by Firefly_217 »

I like these type of romance books. It’s very interesting and it’s different than just you’re typical romances. Great review :)
Fozia RYK
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Post by Fozia RYK »

Soulmate call is an interesting and impressive name of the book you have selected for review. This is a romantic book so I like your review
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Post by Devalsodha »

This is a romantic novel filled with passion. I will definitely read this book.
Thank you for the wonderful review.
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Post by Shahina C A »

Wow. That's a long review. And I think it would be a good read. Thanks for the review
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Post by raven102 »

The writer has a good use of grammar I love that. The plot is great. Good book title. I like the flow of ideas and the way the writer has allowed us to know more about the characters. Though i feel like it was too detailed for a review or a synopsis maybe. I wish there was a little bit of suspense. I need to yearn for more get anxious a little about what to expect. maybe some twists. Consistency in the events, i would love to know how you will go about it. You have the story tell us your story let us fall in love with your characters. Great job. I love the creativity. Keep up.
Daisy Deeh
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Post by Daisy Deeh »

good review, this sounds exactly what i was looking for. i'll add to my bucket list
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