Official Review: Anything For Love by Gracie Bond

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Latest Review: Anything For Love by Gracie Bond

Official Review: Anything For Love by Gracie Bond

Post by katiesquilts »

[Following is an official review of "Anything For Love" by Gracie Bond.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Anything For Love by Gracie Bond follows the story of Leah Jensen. Leah lives in Yorkshire with her gay cousin, Joey, and grandpa, Thomas. She and Joey work all sorts of odd jobs to pay for her grandpa's knee operation, but they need to put a deposit down soon and don't have nearly enough. That's when Joey introduces Leah to Madam Butterfly, an exclusive escort agency that's based in London. Leah promises herself that this will be a one-time deal, that she'll never sell herself again or let her grandfather know the lengths she had to go to to get this money.

That's how Leah finds herself bungee-jumping from the roof of a hotel and onto the balcony of her client's room, falling quite literally into the arms of Dan Ryan. Dan co-owns a company with his mother and is obsessed with work, but the stress his secretary has been placing him under in both his business and personal lives has made him snap and order a hooker. Sparks fly when Leah appears, literally from the sky, and they share a magical night that leaves Leah with more than just the money for her grandpa's operation. That little something causes her to seek out Dan once more nine years later.

Anything For Love was a quirky and funny read with unforgettable characters and a slow burn that kept me wanting more. At first I thought it would be Harlequin-esque, but the pacing and amount of ridiculous stunts pulled by the characters put it firmly in the romantic comedy genre. Some of the scenes definitely forewent reality for comedic effect, but they all added to the book's unique charm.

To be honest, as an American reading a book by a British author, some of the comedy went a little over my head. But it was easy to get sucked up into the drama of the characters' lives, so I don't think it affected my enjoyment of the novel. There were two things that bugged me, however. The first is that the book drags a bit in places. Some of the scenes could have been abbreviated without changing the overall tone and characters tended to explain things in full detail to other characters despite the reader already knowing what was going on, so some areas were a tad bit repetitive. The second thing that bothered me was Leah's behavior in specific scenes. For example, she performed crazy stunts just to be able to talk with Dan, but got upset and ran out of the room before he could even say anything. Her actions didn't feel realistic and I wondered if the author didn't just write things that way so she could include more crazy stunts for comedic effect.

In terms of editing, the book was fairly well-edited, but there were a few minor mistakes. I would only give this book 3 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the most amazing romantic comedy I've ever read. I would recommend it to romance lovers who want a slow burn romance with plenty of drama and comedy. It was fairly clean, with only a few curse words and sexual scenes, so I would not recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read that will get your blood pumping.

Anything For Love
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Post by gracedivine »

Anything for love seems like a good read. Unfortunately, love themed books aren't in my gender for now. Great review too.

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Post by Michelle Fred »

Anything for a good belly laugh encapsulates my reading taste at the moment. Based on your review, the book is right up my alley. Thanks for the review.

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Post by GiselleBengochea »

:no-spoil: Anything For Love by Gracie Bond deals with Leah Jansen's quest to earn money for her Grandfather's knee operation. She is coerced by her gay cousin Joey to use clandestine means to achieve this. The character development in this book is particularly comical. It is definitely worth the read. Great job!

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Post by Micky_20 »

Anything for love by Gracie bond just to help her grandfather knee operations ..... men this as a lot laughter more than love to me . But with this I think there going slow . This isn't the best romance book I have read so far but it isn't bad tho good job 💯

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Post by Samgum50 »

Awesome review! I think based on what you've written this book would be right up my alley. The plot seems very unique and I'm just a sucker for British romantic comedy novels.

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Post by UzmaKhan »

The book title sounds interesting and it has captivated me already. There is something about the strong characters and this book promises it. Good review.🌸

Anindita Roy
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Post by Anindita Roy »

Thank you for the great review. "Anything for Love" is romantic comedy, amusing the readers from the beginning to end.The story revolves around the struggles of Leah Jensen who is ready to go the extra mile to pay for her grandpa's knee operation. There are several sources of laughter in this play. The eccentric character of Leah entertains the readers by her absurdities.I am excited to read this book!

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Post by Marion Jepkosgei »

Anything for love huh! Sounds like a romantic comedy you can read over a warm cup of cocoa. I really empathise with Leah for having to go to such depths for money.

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Post by Edwin Amah »

From trying to raise money for her grandpa's operation to having an unforgettable magical night with someone she can't get over. According to the review she had to go back for more after nine years. I like the way the author played around with the characters. Nice review too. Anything for love is a good book for romance lovers.

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Post by danigb1708 »

The thing that Leah and her cousin Joey try to earn more money for their grandpa's knee operation is such a lovely thing. And reading how Leah act crazy sometimes with Dan Rayn makes me read the book. Thank you for the great review.

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Post by Ebby Brown »

People do anything for their loved ones, and sometimes the bad ways lead to true love. Thanks for a nice review.

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Post by book_fanatic_ »

I'm already intrigued to read this one. Sounds like a beautiful love-story. Great review.
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Post by Pretty giftee »

Wow a romance novel with comedy it sounds interesting and I'd love to read it. Nice review 👍

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Post by Sinolove »

this is nice review I will like to read more through desperation you can find something meaningful

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