The cuckoo's calling.

Discuss the September 2013 book of the month The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a. J.K Rowling).
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Re: The cuckoo's calling.

Post by roberts-rl » 29 Jan 2014, 19:22

I can't wait to read this book! I am a huge JK Rowling fan and I've really been wanting to read this book and her other new one.

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Post by lrmyers4289 » 04 Feb 2014, 12:37

I love J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series so much, so when she released her first post-Harry Potter book, "Causal Vacancy", I started it with perhaps too high of an expectation. I did not care for it at all, so I've been hesitant to read "The Cuckoo's Calling". After reading so many positive comments about it on here, I think I will grab a copy and give it a try!

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Post by Nadezda » 22 Feb 2014, 23:49

Hmm. I may have to try it. Thank you for the reviews!

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Post by sophiachic » 23 Feb 2014, 13:16

I've been told this book is good so i'm going to hopefully look forward to reading it.

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Post by kismoody » 25 Feb 2014, 22:05

I read this book. Loved it. Plot dragged a bit, but the characters and intrigue made up for it.

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Post by tracy19 » 02 Mar 2014, 11:00

Sounds like an interesting book will definatly be reading it in the future.

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Post by Adonis Maratos » 05 Mar 2014, 18:14

I didn't know Rowling wrote under a pseudonym, that says something about her :p
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Post by The Bookaholic » 07 Mar 2014, 15:17

I think it must be hard for J K Rowling to write, she will always be known as the author of Harry Potter. Anything that she writes will always be compared to her huge initial success.

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Post by npandit » 08 Mar 2014, 13:23

It's one of those books that starts off slow, but then by the time you get to the middle, you can't put it down, and just have to know what happens. It's written in JK Rowling's familiar hand, and covers some of the same concepts and themes that exist in The Casual Vacancy and the Harry Potter series: isolation, fame, and class-based society.

A very unique read--but I'm not sure that I'd want to read it again. Although, the characters are interesting enough for me to want to read the next book in the series.

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Post by thankyou » 12 Mar 2014, 02:03

Adding this to my TBR list........

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Post by misssunflowerblue » 15 Mar 2014, 20:09

I really enjoyed reading this book, one of my favorites from last year!

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Post by Fleur » 24 Mar 2014, 22:17

A good read, I am sorry JK Rowling was revealed as the author before she received unbiased criticism. Look forward to seeing where she takes the characters next....

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Post by shinjiblue » 25 Mar 2014, 16:14

I knew this book was written by JK Rowling under a pseudonym and it may have influenced my opinion going in, and not necessarily in a good way. I love the Harry Potter series and was curious as to whether or not she would be able to successfully pen a more adult novel. It definitely took longer to get into the story and for some reason I had a hard time remembering all the characters, which was not the case with the Harry Potter books even though there were many with obscure names.

The book is relatively well-written but I'm still waiting for the story to draw me in. I'm about a third of the way through and so far it's been a slow start.

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Post by katielgorton3 » 02 Apr 2014, 10:48

I travel by plane a lot, and therefor get a lot of book suggestions from people who I happen to be sitting next to. This was one of those suggestions. I was skeptical at first, but I ended up really enjoying this book.

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Post by Bookworm4ever » 12 Apr 2014, 10:02

I have been told that this is such a good book and I can't wait to get it! I loved the Harry potter series as well!

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