Featured Review: Puk Time by Jonathan Paul Nichols

Discuss the August 2013 book of the month "Puk Time - The People I Met at the Puk" by Jonathan Nichols.
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Featured Review: Puk Time by Jonathan Paul Nichols

Post by AnaF » 28 Jun 2013, 17:16

[Following is the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Puktime- The People I Met at the Puk" by Jonathan Paul Nichols, which will be the August 2013 book of the month.]

Puk Time – The People I Met at the Puk is a series of short stories written by Jonathan Nichols – Mr. John, as he's known in the book -, a young entrepreneur from Australia that became an expert in building businesses in developing Asia. He has also published two other books with a wide range of information about Myanmar for foreign investors interested in what this country has to offer.

Through this collection of witty short stories, Mr. John shares with us his experience in Myanmar after the United States announced, in April 2012, the suspension of sanctions against Myanmar. At first this seemed like the perfect opportunity to invest and what had started as a book with tips for entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in developing Asia, soon became an account of Myanmar's history and culture and their influence in business making. At times, these seemed to be barriers to any venture but it was essential to understand them in order to succeed.

This book has a lot of great elements that make it a pleasant and entertaining read. The author begins by providing us some information about Myanmar and of what had happened there until April 2012, something that, in my opinion, was really important to contextualize the short stories. Also, for someone who hasn't followed that closely the country's situation this little chapter is perfect to get a better understanding of the most relevant events.

Then there are the short stories. Even though they are quite light and witty, each and every one of them has an important lesson that ends up summing up the whole story and although they seemed quite business oriented and targeted to a specific audience, they were interesting and seemed applicable to other parts of our lives. Also, the writing style is quite enjoyable and the personal and humorous remarks set an appealing tone to the whole account.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it 4 stars out of 4. I feel that I've taken a lot from it and I believe it's quite relatable, especially for those majored in business. However, this book offers a lot more than just business advice; it's essentially a story about Myanmar and its people, history and culture but also about Jonathan Nichols' learning experience.

It's an honest account of the tests and torments a foreign investor has to go through in a country that still has a lot to grow and where culture shock can provide entertaining moments. A book that is definitely worth checking out, whether you're looking for an eye opening testimony with great business advice or just a humorous book about real life events.

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Post by paatjam » 17 Jul 2013, 07:55

The Puk Time review was both informative and concise. The reviewer provided enough details about the
plot of the book that invigorates my mind to take a look at this book. The details of the entrepreneur
make it seem very inviting and interesting.

Traveling and learning in a new country is amazing and I can see how the book would be great for all readers.

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Post by AlSedge » 24 Jul 2013, 08:10

looks interesting - friend trying to learn about trickiness of doing business in Asia, and this should doas a gift for the plane ride!

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Post by Cavl5 » 24 Jul 2013, 17:57

The review that the PUK Time received was well written and thought out. I enjoyed reading the review and actually seem pretty interested in picking up a copy myself.

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Post by krogerwoman1954 » 25 Jul 2013, 14:05

The featured review of Puk Time by Jonathan Paul Nichols was thorough and well written. The reviewer included enough intriguing details to make the book sound interesting to a variety of readers. The background information about the writer and how the stories evolved makes one want to hear more.

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Post by Johnredy » 31 Jul 2013, 05:26

Cool review there

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Post by Teka156 » 31 Jul 2013, 05:32

This book seem to be exciting, I would to love it.... Wow... Great review!

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Lia Cole
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Post by Lia Cole » 05 Aug 2013, 17:13

The book sounds intriguing...I would be interested in reading it.

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Post by erick01 » 06 Aug 2013, 13:40

Very well written review. Seems like an interesting book.

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Post by mini_m » 07 Aug 2013, 03:13

I am always interested in finding out how different countries deal with investing and what not, and that is what I interpreted from the review that this book is about

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Post by aparnow » 08 Aug 2013, 22:55

This sounds like very interesting read. I have a long list of books, but this one will definitely be added to that list.

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Post by cindy1966 » 09 Aug 2013, 16:30

This book seems like something I would enjoy reading. I've always found foreign countries and customs intriguing .

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Post by teslachism1 » 10 Aug 2013, 14:15

I would like to read this book because it combines business with culture. I have never read a book about business. I do like to learn about different cultures. Great review/summary.

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Post by kyliefish21 » 16 Aug 2013, 06:17

sounds alright not something i would immediately go for though

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Post by bubblyupdates4 » 16 Aug 2013, 11:04

This is informative and sounds like it would have a lot of peoples' interests. :)
However, I don't believe I'd really enjoy it, as it doesn't sound like my kind of book, but who knows? Maybe I'll like it once I start reading it!
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