Who is the best author of vampire fiction?

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Post by tinyViolin » 07 Nov 2009, 00:47

Woodland Nymph wrote:Anne Rice is my favorite author, and her vampire novels are superb. They actually ruined vampire fiction for me in a way, because I have never been able to find anything else I like as much.
I read "Lasher" by Rice and I was so surprised that after I finished the book I went around being surprised for a while and couldn't quite muster the courage to pick up another book.

I don't think I've ever been struck with such a huge helping of infidelity, incest, sex, blood, sex, and sex before. It's not about vampires, yet had to mention it.

But, I'll give it to Rice. She knows how to make solid, rounded characters like nobody's business. Her vampires have to be among the most compelling ever written, second only to Dracula.

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Woodland Nymph
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Post by Woodland Nymph » 09 Nov 2009, 11:13

^ I think Lasher is apart of the Witching Chronicles, which I still haven't gotten around to yet, unfortunately. I know not everyone can handle Anne's work; many people are disturbed by the elements you mentioned. I thought it was amusing in high school, during my senior year, when vampires were at their peak of popularity because of Twilight, many students would try reading Interview with the Vampire, and would return it to the library after only reading about fifty pages.

I agree with you about how solid and real her characters are. Each individual vampire contained layers and layers of a complex, sensitive, philosophical nature. I felt so close to them, I considered them my friends. As foolish as this sounds, I still do.

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Post by tinyViolin » 09 Nov 2009, 21:55

Yes, it wasn't about vamps, but that series of hers stuck with me the most. Lasher is the most bizarre character I've ever encountered in fiction. Had to mention my "cudgel to the head" feeling. Hehe.

I agree that modern vampires have been effectively de-fanged. After I heard it once, I'm more and more convinced that Meyer's books have more to do with religion than vampires. Commitment, eternal devotion, maternal self-sacrifice, smug entitlement, ad infinitum. At no point do her vampires ever seem remotely dangerous. Edward pouts; he doesn't rage.

Still, I read them. But, I just attempted Book 9 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, and I have to say: Charlaine Harris wins for worst vampire writer ever. The Twilight books I managed to get down, even as I was convinced that I could write them better. I literally would not bother with Harris's work. Blech. It took me too long to realize that no, she's not getting better, rather consistently worse.

It seems like the vampire genre is woefully in need of quality. So, there's little competition for Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. I'll have to read Kostova again, it seems. ^^

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Post by cameron333 » 11 Nov 2009, 00:47

No question: Bram Stoker.

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Post by SurrealJason » 14 Nov 2009, 02:29

I have never been a huge fan of vampire novels, but I have read one Anne Rice novel in the past that I thought was ok. Nothing super special. Stephenie Meyer has put the latest spin on vampires with her Twilight Saga.

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Post by Pinkpaper » 23 Nov 2009, 17:45

I think it depends on how you like your vampires to be. Although I enjoyed the twilight books I just cant buy vampires that can go out in daylight, to me thats not a vampire.

I like the spin that the sookie stackhouse vampires have but those books have gotten worse as they have gone on so I havent read the last couple.

So for me its Anne Rice - the good old fashioned vampire plus I like how the books and vampires have developed.

Also a huge nod towards Bram Stoker.

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Post by marvelmite » 12 Dec 2009, 12:56

If you're looking for the Gothic romantisized vampires, most of the modern takes will work, starting with Anne Rice, since she basicly invented the modern vampire. Now if you're looking for scary vampires, more traditional, less sexual (even though sex is still part of the mythos, it's just not the focus or part of the modern goth trend of "vampires are cute" vein but mre in the forbidden lust ideal) you can not go wrong with Bram Stoker. And Stephen King did great things with the darker, more traditional vampires in 'Salem's Lot (his modern retelling of Dracula in New England) and continued it in parts of The Dark Tower series (which actually carries over a character from 'Salem's Lot). A more graphic take I've found was 13 Bullets by DavidWellington. Very modern take on vampires but more in the horror vein than gothic romance. Not a classic book but readable

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Post by victorian.noire » 21 Dec 2009, 02:42

I <3 vampire books...i read everything vampires i can put my hands and eyes to. anne rice is my queen. she is amazing in her character development, but i find as you really read and re-read her books that she is really inconsistent with the retelling of her stories...(ie sometimes marius creates lestat and sometimes he doesnt)...but she is pretty amazing.

one thing you should check out is a nonfiction book about vampires called "the dead travel fast" which is an author who goes on a quest for real vampires and ends up going really far into how vampire mystique has changed a lot of society...its a very interesting and humorous read and might help you out.

and then you have a lot of graphic novels about them...i would start with 30 days of night and go from there. i think that it captures vampires at their most primitive and its pretty amazing.

and now i am really excited to read the historian! i had never seen that one before.

with vampires at their peak right now you shouldnt have too hard a time with twilight and the vampire diaries, but those are cultured more toward teenage girls who need something to fantisize over then actual vampires, which i find to be kind of a cop-out....

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Post by marvelmite » 22 Dec 2009, 11:20

Good call with 30 Days of Night, I had totaly forgotten about it. 30 Days also has several sequals. There is also and interesting, darkly funny comic that was put out by Image i think, called Jesus Versus the Vampires, it's a pretty good read too.

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Post by Little Hero » 09 Jan 2010, 13:04

You more than likely are aware of the immensely popular Twilight series, but I have to admit it's far too fluffy and romantic for those that like their vampires dark and brutal, not sparkly. In that case, I would reccommend the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris, which gained popularity recently with the TV adaptation True Blood. The thing I found most interesting about this series was the unique concept of vampires co-existing with humans, instead of being kept a secret. The books are quite different to the True Blood series, which I personally think is excellent, though if you enjoy the show I'm pretty certain you'd enjoy the books. And if you've never seen the show but like vampires then you should give them a try anyway :lol:

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Post by poomlie » 07 Feb 2010, 21:39

Check out The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro. Not just your fluffy vampire story. Avoid Stephanie Meyer. Anne Rice is really good, lots of stuff to sink your teeth into, so to speak. The best is "The Vampire Lestat", but it is good to read "Interview with the Vampire". first. Christopher Moore is very fun to read, his vampires are fun.

As to Lasher I loved it. But you must read The Witching Hour and then read Taltos. This was a very good reading experience, and I liked The Witching Hour by far the best. Happy Reading.

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Post by lauragreen2005 » 08 Feb 2010, 16:53

Although there is no comparison on Bram Stoker, or Anne Rice, being that I'm quite obsessed with vampires myself, you have to break down what kind of story you are looking for. Most authors tend to focus more on the romantic or the horrific side of vampires. A few authors to look for are: Charlaine Harris, Lynsay Sands, Laurel K Hamilton. A great book to check out regarding vampire literature is titled, "The Everything Vampire Book." It goes back to the beginning of folklore although the way through literature, movies, vampire religions, etc. I would highly suggest reading it for some information. I wrote a paper on vampiric literature, and found it quite helpful.

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Post by lagym888 » 09 Feb 2010, 06:13

stephen king is the best horror author for me. at least his old writings were scarry. i have not read any of his new works yet but heard they are good.

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Post by natters4212 » 22 Jul 2015, 14:25

There are lots of vampire writers but so far I like Richelle Mead and her series Vampire Academy the best.

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Post by MargaretEv » 23 Jul 2015, 02:40

Though I jumped in here to write down any prospective new reads (thanks everyone) I have to agree with Bram Stoker. I read this for the first time only last year and was blown away.

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