Which author do you want to have a beer with?

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Re: Which author do you want to have a beer with?

Post by Jamasenu » 24 Apr 2018, 23:29

Terri2 wrote:
02 Mar 2007, 20:15
Which author would you most want to meet and sit down and have a beer with?

(If you don't drink beer, which author would you most want to go to lunch with?)
I would love to go to lunch with Walter Mosley. He, in my opinion, personifies the skills author's need to adapt to other forms of writing, adjust to the interest of the reader or changing of times and the wherewithal to put it on paper just as he sees it and draw his readers to the story.
To survive, you must tell stories.
― Umberto Eco, The Island of the Day Before

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Post by kerricellis » 27 Apr 2018, 08:59

It doesn't have to be just one, right? I'd love to have a bear with Wally Lamb, because I still have a lot of issues, and I think he could help me out with those. I'd love to have a beer with Tolkien, because...duh - same with JK Rowling. I'd love to have a beer with Stephen King, so I could ask him why he talks about chain falls in all of his books. Truman Capote, because I think he would just be delightful! And I could ask him if he was the one who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.

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El Bougha
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Post by El Bougha » 29 Apr 2018, 17:01

vernon sullivan (boris vian) without a doubt !!

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Post by Osuma » 30 Apr 2018, 02:39

Douglace Adams ,i Love His Books ,if Am Privillaged Or Opportuined To See Or Meet With Him I Would Loved To Have A Drink An Lauch With Him!

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Post by Osuma » 01 May 2018, 12:42

The Author's I Will Like Have Drink And A Lauch With Are: Dan Chaon' Tc Boyle' Lord Byron' Douglas Adams' Foster Wallace!

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Post by simran98 » 08 May 2018, 03:51

JK Rowling definitely. Though I'd like to have a coffee instead. No other book can compare to the Harry Potter series. If one is looking for a universe of adventure, it is the go to book. Also it's fun read for every age group. I'd really like to talk to her about how she got inspired and created this whole different world. :D

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Post by haleygerstenberg » 10 May 2018, 09:46

Anne Lamott. (Author of Bird by Bird) She seems like such a nice, quirky, down-to-earth kind of person. I think it would be awkward at first, but once we got settled in we'd spend the night talking about art and life and such.

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Post by nikkyteewhy » 10 May 2018, 14:03

Stephen king, James Patterson and Linda Howard though coffee will be better appreciated.

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Post by PlanetHauth » 11 May 2018, 00:46

As far as living authors go, I'd love to have a beer with Brandon Sanderson. I greatly enjoy his writing, and I think he seems to be a great person. He seems down to earth, kind, and would be great to discuss writing with. When he travels, he will find his books at airport bookstores and sign them. I think that's so cool and a great way to connect with his readers (instead of only holding book review sessions where he signs a limited number of copies).
“Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.”
-Bilbo Baggins

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Post by dtb » 24 May 2018, 16:12

Rachel Hawkins would be my choice. I follow her on Twitter, and she makes me laugh every day.

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Anukam daniel27
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Post by Anukam daniel27 » 24 May 2018, 19:01

I would love to have a lunch with Dan brown. A lot of things have been revealed to meafrom his writing. The cold war between the Christianity and science.
Would love to appreciate his last book "The Origin" wow! He brought about a mutual understanding between atheist and Christians. He is great writer

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Post by Aminuyaqub2020 » 27 May 2018, 13:38

James hardly chase is my best

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Post by Traci24 » 27 May 2018, 14:33

I have two I just can't pick!!! Nora Roberts and Amanda Lee! I have read and own all of Nora's books and would love to sit and chat with her.
Amanda Lee has quickly become my favorite with ALL of her series. I don't think there is one I have read that I don't like.
Either one would be awesome to drink/lunch with.

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Post by PJ26 » 27 May 2018, 23:38

I think I'd have to go with Cormac McCarthy. His ability to write about desperate people so ridiculously well makes me think he' d have some interesting stories to tell over a beer.

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Post by Davidizu » 01 Jun 2018, 11:02

I'd love to have a beer with bestselling author and present president of america,Donald trump
He has been an inspiration to me

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