Who was your favorite author in high school?

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Who was your favorite author in high school?

Post by Proud_Army_Fiance » 29 May 2014, 09:29

Just curious to see people's authors they liked :)

As for me I was obsessed with Ellen Hopkins. I loved her writing style so much and how she set up the words on the paper

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Post by ylisa7 » 31 May 2014, 05:27

There was more than one:

S.E. Hinton

V.C. Andrews

Paul Zindel

John Saul
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Post by books+barefeet » 31 May 2014, 05:42

I loved Geoffrey Trease (Cue for Treason) until junior year when I discovered Ray Bradbury and loved him until I discovered Jane Austen in senior year. I still like them all and having gone through 4 years of university studying English Lit, I found about a dozen other authors who I love. But, I'll admit it, I still have a soft spot for Jane Austen- it's my comfort reading.
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Post by jenlb7806 » 31 May 2014, 13:20

I was pretty varied in high school. I loved Douglas Adams (still do), Stephen King and John Saul, Jude Deveraux, V. C. Andrews, and Piers Anthony.

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Post by autumnmarie » 31 May 2014, 15:23

In high school my favorite author was Neil Gaiman. From Coraline to the Sandman comic books, I literally could NOT get enough.
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Post by LadyRose » 31 May 2014, 17:08

Mine was L.J. Smith. I was really into paranormal romance back then and to be honest i still am. Back when i was in high school thou that was all i read and i was a die heart fan of PR. I still read paranormal but i'm not as obsessives about it.

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Post by winsomefish » 01 Jul 2014, 14:41

I read so much so fast in high school I don't even remember who my favorite author was. I know that I really liked Libba Bray at one point, as well as Richelle Mead, Ellen Hopkins, and Neal Shusterman.

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Post by SidnayC » 15 Jul 2014, 18:25

Ceily Von Ziegier author of the Gossip girl series :D Have the entire book collection. Loved the books even before it became a huge success
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Post by suzy1124 » 15 Jul 2014, 18:33

Pearl s Buck, Truman Capote, Herman Wouk, Joseph Heller, etc...
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Post by Norma_Rudolph » 15 Jul 2014, 18:35

Mary Steward, who recently passed away. I read everything I could get my hands on by her. I especially got into the Merlin series.

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Post by PashaRu » 15 Jul 2014, 18:45

Charles Dickens. And he is still right up there at the top.
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Post by allesha » 15 Jul 2014, 18:50

V. C. Andrews
Lisi Harrison
Scott Westerfield

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Post by Apogea » 15 Jul 2014, 20:11

James Patterson

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Post by untiltomorrow_28 » 16 Jul 2014, 02:44

V. C. Andrews and Dean Koontz were my favorite in high school. It seemed I just could not get enough of them. I also liked reading foreign novels by various authors.

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Post by Thomas Tham » 05 Sep 2014, 21:45

Rick Riordan

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