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Dan Brown

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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#46 by Papercut
» 17 Jul 2016, 05:50

I stacked my Inferno at the back of my shelf. Its been a while. I only read Da Vinci Code. Its intriguing and pulls you in.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#47 by sreeraj v j
» 22 Jul 2016, 04:57

My personal favourite is angels and demons. I love his works. Inferno was a bit disappointing though.
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sreeraj v j
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#48 by waluhyo
» 19 Aug 2016, 09:13

When INFERNO movie will playing at cinema ??

-- 19 Aug 2016, 09:14 --

I really love with Angel and Demon
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#49 by Ashley 1820
» 19 Aug 2016, 13:10

I have only read angels and demons...and reading digital fortress now.I loved angels and demons.absolutely fantastic! Brown proved himself to be a real page turner...LOVED IT!
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Ashley 1820
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#50 by elkington
» 19 Aug 2016, 14:17

I've read The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons and Deception Point. I loved the whole historical background info in The DaVinci Code (I know it's not based in facts but I found it intriguing none the less). Angels and Demons was the most gripping one, I could not put it down! I liked Deception Point when I read it, but I actually can't remember much of the book now several years later. My parents have a few of his other books, maybe I'll read them at some point.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#51 by hwong
» 10 Sep 2016, 21:24

I liked Deception point best. The Langdon series is just a tad too controversial for my taste.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#52 by clpearson_76
» 11 Sep 2016, 19:18

I probably enjoyed Deception Point most. I preferred Angels and Demons to DaVinci Code, but that was more because the latter had so much publicity about it when it was released and, I'm sorry to say, I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. I mean, it was interesting, but not his best attempt at writing.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#53 by flordeliz0315
» 12 Sep 2016, 11:51

Of all the Dan Brown books that I have read Angels & Demons its best.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#54 by CaitlinE
» 07 Oct 2016, 15:37

Angels and Demons
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#55 by karolinka
» 15 Oct 2016, 12:52

The Code was the best for me- well researched and well written and very engaging. I plan to read Angels and Demons next.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#56 by DK4me
» 15 Oct 2016, 14:23

I preferred Deception Point & Digital Fortress. I enjoyed the 1st two Langdon books but not enough to pique my interest in the last two.
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#57 by MarisaRose
» 19 Oct 2016, 15:00

I always loved Angels and Deamons, however, Inferno was incredibly well done. I like that the plot was a little more thought provoking. Can't wait to see the movie!
"No two persons ever read the same book." -Edmund Wilson
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#58 by Sarah_Khan
» 19 Oct 2016, 15:11

Ah, it's so hard to choose. I loved all his books. But I have to agree with MarisaRose, Inferno left me a lot to think about and until this day I still think about it :) I'm also really excited to see the movie, it looks like it will be awesome!
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#59 by Natalie Charlene
» 05 Jan 2017, 20:05

Inferno is most definitely my favorite novel by Dan Brown. From the plot to the writing style, cover to cover, I love that book. It makes you stop and think about the world surrounding us now and what the best thing for the human species and the planet would be.

I was extremely disappointed with the movie, though, and I had to finally walk out near the end when it turned into explosions and under-water fighting. Hollywood completely destroyed the movie, changing not only minor details, such as hair color, but also they made massive plot changes, distorting the entire message of the novel. I understand that many people would have been outraged seeing the original plot of the book on-screen, but sometimes we need to face issues head-on instead of ignoring them and turning them into nonsensical love stories and explosions.
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Natalie Charlene
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Re: Dan Brown

Post Number:#60 by Insightsintobooks
» 11 Jan 2017, 23:12

I think it's a toss up between "Angels and Demons" and "The DA Vinci Code".
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