Do you have a preference between male and female authors?

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Re: Do you have a preference between male and female authors?

Post by Twylla »

Gender has nothing to do with the books I am drawn to. I have an equal number of favorite male authors as female authors. Off the top of my head I can actually think of more female writers - J.K Rowling, Toni Morrison, Stephanie Meyer, Mary Higgins Clark, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker.
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Post by Alyssa »

I understand I’m late to this party but still want to put my opinion out there. I usually don’t look at who writes a book when I pick it out (unless I’m looking for more by a certain author of course). With that being said I find many times I get annoyed when a book is obviously written by a male. By “obviously” I mean when female characters do things females don’t/can’t do, like breaking off the heal of their shoe and running as if they’re wearing sneakers.
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Post by tsh1001 »

No preference. Most of the time while reading, I forget who the author is altogether and have to go back and check. If all I'm thinking about when reading a book is the gender of the author..then the book obviously is not very good. Man, woman, or otherwise.
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Post by Michael_Cook143 »

No preference at all. Gender, race, and nationality are irrelevant to me.
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Post by danicommissions »

I don't think I have a firm preference, though I read more books by women because I read more literary fiction than anything else, and women writers tend to avoid the worst kinds of literary fiction in my experience...I don't want any misogyny creeping into the books, but there are plenty of male authors I enjoy whose stuff doesn't creep into that. I do know some men who talk about not reading women as if it's a point of pride, and I'm very suspicious of those people.

I don't like books that are very gendered anyway, though - I'm non-binary, though there are very few authors who openly hold that label. I've just picked up a book by one, though, which I'm excited to read.
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Post by SurroundedByBooks »

Nope. I don’t think it makes a difference at all.

Besides, pen names have been around for a long time so there’s no reason to believe the name on the front of a book anyway.
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Post by KaylaPete »

I don't have a conscious preference but I do find myself more drawn to male authors then female ones. I need to make a more concentrated effort to support more females!
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Post by sevillagirl18 »

I normally don't really have a preference of author gender, with the exception of the mystery genre. I'm not even sure that I've read a mystery novel written by a male author, but for whatever reason, I'll actually put a mystery book back if it's written by a male.

I think it's because I've had such good experiences reading authors like Mary Higgins Clark, that it's so difficult for me to imagine a male author matching her.
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Post by leareiler »

I honestly don't know. I have a good mix of both in my personal library, and sometimes I can enjoy male authored books or female authored books more than the other's. I would say that I enjoy, in general, female classic authors as opposed to male's because I feel like they are able to paint a more honest picture of female characters, or just characters in general. Not to say male authors are bad at depicting women (though there are those who do a bad job) I just enjoy the more rounded female characters I have come across in mainly female author's works.
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Post by Tavaiel26 »

I usually gravitate towards female authors, a lot of times when reading books written by male authors I find their female protagonists really unrelatable.
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Post by Jay_shon03 »

I enjoy reading a good book irrespective of the author's gender. The only problem is when the book is centered on gender issues and the author seem to be bias in his/her opinion. In that instance, I jettison the book.
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Post by Maria Ferreira Silva »

Sometimes yes. I feel like male authors don't usually get the women's perspective on a lot of things.
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Maria Diaz Peinado
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Post by Maria Diaz Peinado »

The truth is that despite not doing it on purpose, I tend to read more books written by women than by men, therefore I would say that you prefer female authors.
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Post by Tamara Bengesai »

I generally don't mind which sex the author is but how the book is flowing. But at times I just want to support female authors. Team Feminists!
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