Where do you think authors get their inspiration?

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Re: Where do you think authors get their inspiration?

Post by Archaeoptery »

Love of cats, needing money (Hardy boys on that one from what I read about the author), one had a favorite place they would go and they created a series from there, a love of dragons, timezones in history, games and lastly a tv show. That is where some of my authors got theirs from.
Akshi Porwal
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Post by Akshi Porwal »

I think usually its just luck how the author of twilight got her idea from a dream and harry potter author while in a train
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Post by Bridgette C 2 »

I usually judge authors based on the content of their books. Therefore, I say that they get their inspiration in writing their book from their life experiences and dreams. That's it. Who agrees with me?
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Post by mercasa »

I think it depends with the author's some get the from daily life, experiences, mythology, imaginations and e.t.c
Some may even get an idea from seeing a simple leaf fall.
Jonté Joy
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Post by Jonté Joy »

I'd like to think the mind of an author is different than the mind of a nonauthor, as with comedians, painters, and chefs. Were most see/experience regular everyday life events, an author sees a piece of a story. A comedian finds a joke. A chef makes a receipt out of ingredients many don't even imagine putting together. I believe for an author, as a song note or a car driving by and as it kicks up leaves, that immediately plays out in their head and becomes part of a story that they need to transcribe. I just think author's minds need to have a different level of creativity in order for them to put the stories together that they do.
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Post by Junior Gesuka 1 »

Authors Get Their Ideas Everywhere,to a non-writer, it must seem like a perfectly logical question, but for many writers it’s a difficult question to answer. Mainly because we don’t know where to begin.

Authors get their ideas everywhere.
Newspapers, TV, movies, other books, overheard conversations, dreams, nightmares, people we’ve met, loved, hated, been married to.And sometimes we have no idea how we got an idea!

How To Get Ideas For Writing
In his book Telling Lies for Fun & Profit , author Lawrence Block recounts a funny story, an author friend told questioners that there was a magazine published twice a month called  The Ideas Book, or something similar.

‘It’s loaded with excellent plot ideas,’ he said.

‘I have a subscription, of course, and as soon as I get my copy I write in and select half a dozen ideas and get clearance on them.
No other subscriber will go ahead and write them. Then I just work up stories around those ideas.’
Quite a few aspiring authors believed his story and wanted to subscribe to the magazine.
In an even crueller twist, he dashed their hopes by telling them they weren’t eligible, as they had to be a professional writer and have a dozen sales to their name.
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Post by Cherrie Joy Rosaldo »

I think, based on the book that I read here, the very inspiration comes from their very own life. For example, Andrew Ceroni is a retired special agent. He wrote about special agent, espionage etc. Many authors do the same. I am as well.
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Post by Jay_shon03 »

This is one question I ponder once in a while, especially when the author amuses me.

I think some get their inspiration from life experiences, some from imagination, others from research.
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Post by AMARA UJU »

I think that inspiration can be drawn from anything. The main issue comes with how an author wants to present it to us the readers. Now that I have gotten a chance to read a book after a long time, I think that the way a person presents the ideas also matters. A story must have the ability of interesting and captivating a reader for it to be called a good story.
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