Which author started it all for you?

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Re: Which author started it all for you?

Post by rahilshajahan »

It has to be The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan. The story is about the struggle of a boy when he gets involved in the world of vampires. It introduced me to horror and gore.
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Post by cookiedough »

The Nancy Drew series is what sparked an interest in reading for me. A friend gave me a book and said I would like it too. After reading the first chapter, I was hooked and the rest was history.
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Maddie Atkinson
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Post by Maddie Atkinson »

Definitely and 100% Enid Blyton I have (and still read) about 40 of her books, and the books I didn't own, I borrowed from the library several times. My dad bought me a few original copies of her stand alone books, The Boy Next Door being my favourite. I just cannot get enough of her stories, I even had many of the Famous Five books on audiobook!!! I just cannot express how much I love her writing!
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Post by car-mbz »

For me it's Cheray Gardison. After reading Head Trauma, I'm always on the lookout for her books.
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Post by EReid »

I remember my parents started me young with C.S. Lewis' Chronicles on Narnia. What got me to read on my own, though, were the Mandie books. Then I branched into the Boxcar Children books, and Nacy Drew and Hardy Boys. The ones that really left a big impression on young-me were the 39 Clues, the Alex Rider series, and the Percy Jackson books.
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Post by 63tty »

For me it was Percy Jackson, back in high school.
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Post by Malve »

Probably JK Rowling... after reading "Harry Potter" I read lots of books that were similar to it. Figured out I love fantasy and started reading almost everything by Armentrout. 
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Post by Carly-Rose »

The earliest memory I have of reading and loving it, was Shakespeare and the King James Version Bible.
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Post by Stephanie Kanu »

Nora Roberts Midnight Bayou was my transition from cheesy romance novels to the good stuff. I still love that woman to bits. Boy can she write!!
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Post by Ruth Emmanuel »

For me, it was Lisa Kleypas after I read devil in spring.
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Post by Loniya Chabili Mubanga »

Margaret Mitchell.
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Post by Ohna Martin »

For me it was Wilbur Smith I was in grade 5 when I first stumbled onto his Courtney series and Instill have the collection with all his other books today.
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Post by Riya Sarkar »

Cornelia Funke got me hooked to reading. I had watched the Inkheart and a day later, I realised that its book exists and got my hands on it. That was the first book I read and I haven't stopped since.
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Post by KCWolf »

Hans Christian Andersen was my first favorite author since childhood, and ultimately inspired me to start writing. Like myself, he also had a background in ballet, theater, and music.
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