Does anyone read classical literature any more?

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Darrell Ingrum
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Re: Does anyone read classical literature any more?

Post by Darrell Ingrum »

Well, although I read lots of new novels, my favorite ones are classical: Moby Dick , Frankenstein, and Faulkner's Snopes Trilogy. (Are Faulkner's novels called Classical? Probably not; they're Modern Era; but, whatever, I love them, anyway. And they're close enough.) Geez, what era is considered Classical, anyway? Anybody care to explain?

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Laura P 2
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Post by Laura P 2 »

I decided to read more classic literature, however, I have to admit, I don't love it as much as expected, especially Russian classics. They are full of unnecessary information which is barely related to the plot. It gets boring soon and I pick up another book. I am currently stuck with Anna Karenina. I wish I can read that all heard amazing love story without reading how to cut the grain. :D
Miculete Anemona
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Post by Miculete Anemona »

I am currently reading Herman Hesse and I recently finished reading Conrad's "Heart of Darkness". Herman Hesse is one of the most amazing writers I've come across and I wish people would talk more about him.

Apart from those, I also read Homer, Vergilius, Dante, Petrarca, Shakespeare, Dickens, FItzgerald and many others. Classical literature is underrated these days.
maria m 6
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Post by maria m 6 »

@original question: I would guess most people read classical literature rather than newer least for a certain time in their life. - My personal answer: Yes, I go back to it again and again. All sorts of it. Literature, which is still on my list (philosophy, psychology, too...and tons of novels), but also new books, if I find them interesting. - Sometimes you also want to reread something you had read long ago. It`s like visiting an old friend - and discovering a lot of new things you forgot were there...
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Post by iwaswondering04 »

I love classical literature, though I am not 100 percent certain where the boundaries begin and end. Pride and Prejudice is a favorite. I also like Les Miserables. I hope to read many more classics, as they are some of my favorites and generally more thought provoking then many newer books.
Kayla Archer
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Post by Kayla Archer »

I enjoy classical literature, and I am so glad my girls are getting into literature in school. It gives me an opportunity to dive into those classics again with them. I hope I can show them the beauty of classics while we read them together.
We just read Charlotte's Web, and, quite frankly, I don't remember ever reading that in elementary school, so it's a great opportunity for me to expand my horizons also.
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Jen Nghishitende
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Post by Jen Nghishitende »

Oh yes!!! Can’t stop reading classics! I recently read pride and prejudice again!
Bridgett Hollowell
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Post by Bridgett Hollowell »

Yes I love the classics and absolutely love to read.
Radhika Nair
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Post by Radhika Nair »

Zupanatural wrote: 09 Jul 2017, 14:33 For years I only read the classics (Dickens, Hardy, Conrad etc.) and I was wondering how many people do that nowadays. Also, who would go down as your favourite classical literature author?

Poe & Maupassant are two of mine and today I'm going to say Poe is the winner. Maupassant's turn tomorrow... :D

I did my Bachelor's in English literature, so I've read and relished quite a few classics. I love the existential or absurdist element that is at the heart of the human experience and features prominently in the classics. That kind of intensity is what I most painfully miss in most modern literature. As for my favourite classical authors, I absolutely adore Jane Austen, George Eliot and Joseph Conrad. In fact I'm currently reading Conrad's Lord Jim for a good dose of book-induced modern suffering. 🙂
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