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Re: Who's Your Favorite Author?

Post by sarahlaks »

CS Lewis

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Mat Pedersen
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Post by Mat Pedersen »

Maybe a bit of a cliche, but my favorite author is hands down J.R.R. Tolkien (Particularly his works surrounding Middle-earth). I just fall right into the depth he put into his world. After over a decade of re-reading his works, i still find new connections and subtle context clues that add the the grand picture he has painted.

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Post by Waldorf »

It’s such a difficult question because you meet authors at different times in your life. For the longest time I would have said Douglas Adams because I read him as a teenager and he made me laugh so much. He made the world look like the silliest place in the galaxy and I kind of needed that at the time.

I’m not sure who I’d pick now. There always seems to be a list of authors I reread but for different reasons. I find that kind of comforting :)

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Post by matowe15 »

I will buy any book written by David Baldacci. His books keep me up nights because I keep thinking just one more chapter and I can't seem to put it down. Usually I finish his books in about a day or less. Of course nothing else gets done in my house. David Baldacci's books have lots of suspense, thrills, some humor and great real characters. If you love lots of suspense and intrigue and spy thrillers (among others) you will love David Baldacci's books. It is no wonder he is a number 1 bestseller

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Post by btkeaton »

Just a few:

J.R.R. Tolkien
Stephen King
Neil Gaiman
Elmore Leonard
Frank Miller (comics)
Alan Moore (comics)

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Post by SmokeAndAshes »

Very cliche: but my favourite is John Grisham

I just love how he writes. I fall into the book and connect with the characters completely. With other authors, I get pulled in by the force of the PLOT, but with Grisham, the true magic is his characters. I love them, even when I don't love the storyline.

Honourable Mentions:

Matthew Reilly
Elizabeth Peters
Ken Follett
James Rollins

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