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Infinite I
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Re: Who's Your Favorite Author?

Post by Infinite I » 19 Dec 2019, 00:16

My favourite author is Dr Brian Weiss. I really loved his books. The first book I read of him was only love is real.

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Post by Riza29 » 19 Dec 2019, 08:40

I'm a new member here and I would like to add my favorite author is Jojo Moyes. She's really a very interesting writer.

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Post by Mills_2012 » 31 Dec 2019, 04:40

I'm a new member and I'm sort of just browsing around but I had to make a quick comment. I've always just picked books up without really caring about the Authors. I literally carry whatever book I'm reading at the time in my purse and whip it out when I go outside for a cigarette, when one of my friends are using the phone, when I'm bored of a group discussion and the list goes on. Anybody who knows me know me as a little book worm.
So now that I've just became a new member and I was trying to remember all the books I've read which I can remember lots of them just not the Authors. I guess people could say it was a book worth remembering if I can't remember who wrote the book but that's just it. I never even payed attention to that particular detail. As long as the words on the page bring a different reality, even if it's just for a little while then I'm content. Nothing really matters beyond that point.

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Post by mmccarty74 » 01 Jan 2020, 20:05

I just finished reading a book called Writing Down The Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. This is a great book! I am going to look for more of Natalie's work because of the very Zen effect that this little book has had on me.

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Laura Lee
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Post by Laura Lee » 02 Jan 2020, 23:22

Vince Flynn (and Kyle Mills who took over after Flynn's death)
Nora Roberts (and her other pen name, J.D. Robb)
Kristen Ashley
Christine Feehan
Dan Brown
Laura Lee

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”
― Groucho Marx, The Essential Groucho: Writings For By And About Groucho Marx

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Post by SoilantGreen » 05 Jan 2020, 16:12

Pat Conroy has written some of my favorites. I'm also a big fan of John D. MacDonald and Ed McBain. I'm currently reading the Reacher series by Lee Child.

Some of my favorite reading though, is American history by Michael and Jeff Shaara or Ron Chernow.

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Post by Chirlerona » 12 Jan 2020, 17:26

Stephen King - always and Dan Brown because I am reading The Lost Symbol at the moment. I would say J.K.Rowling but I am not sure, as I absolutely love Harry Potter books, but anything
else that she wrote did not have the same effect on me.

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Post by Sonassh » 13 Jan 2020, 07:34

My the most favorite author is Dan Brown. I love his books so much. I can read these books over and over again. Everytime I feel something powerful when i read those books. That's amazing feeling. I also love the Rhonda Bern. Her books helped me understand what I should do with my life and how I can handle all my problems and reach my dreams. I read hero and now I'm reading magic.

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Post by Dayodiola » 13 Jan 2020, 15:42

Always the great non-fiction novelist, John Griaham. Love the guy, grew up reading all his books and the made the love of books stick forever.

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Post by Maya28 » 14 Jan 2020, 16:26

Cassandra Clare, author of the Shadohunter books

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Post by kelseyjeananderson » 17 Jan 2020, 22:03

Shirley Jackson is my favorite writer, though she is is terribly underrated. You might even be saying, "who?" but you've probably read her most famous short story, "The Lottery" at some point, and The Haunting of Hill House was made into a TV series recently. She knew her craft, was a prolific writer, and like me, had four children to raise! Like many great writers, she died much too young.

Zion Mesa
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Post by Zion Mesa » 22 Jan 2020, 05:28

I was going to say C.S Lewis, but if we can choose several then I'd also like to add Tolkien, Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

If there's one thing in particular in my opinion that the English do well, it's writing. Every one these people has a style and a magic all their own. The world wouldn't be the same without them.

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Post by NovaFly » 23 Jan 2020, 02:15

Favrioutes right now: Terry Pratchett, Katherine Rundell, Ransom Riggs and Patrik Ness.

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