Have you ever met an author in person?

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Re: Have you ever met an author in person?

Post by rupe10 » 22 Sep 2018, 23:45

Have met quite a few...

A highlight was hanging out with Dany Laferrière, after he invited me to Toronto Authors Fest private late-night shindig.

He asked what my date & i would be swilling. Was gin. A 40-ouncer, mix and ice in a bucket arrived at our table as if by magic.

Was an evening of lore...

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Post by a9436 » 23 Sep 2018, 03:53

I have met many authors of non-fiction work, but I suppose most people who have been to university will have, as professors often publish books as well as journals. I do not recall ever meeting an author of fiction, though I would love to meet Barbara Nadel and wish I could have met Terry Pratchett.

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Post by Zimall » 15 Oct 2018, 11:37

Nope :( but i really want to meet j.k rowling.

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Post by GretchenLee » 08 Nov 2018, 21:32

I have met a couple of authors--but one that stuck out to me was Brian Katcher, author of Playing with Matches and Almost Perfect Among others. I met him in middle school, when he came around our school to give us a sort of workshop on writing. I figured he was pretty cool, so I asked for an autograph--thinking once his books took off (at the time, his first book was still pretty new) it would be cool to have his autograph. I remember specifically he laughed and said "I'm not famous enough for autographs", turned around and grabbed a copy of his new book, signed it, and gave it to me. I still have that book.

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Post by sarahmarlowe » 10 Nov 2018, 18:05

I met Rick Bragg at a book signing. I thanked him for writing about "our people," Southerners who are in the working class, not the plantation class. He was very approachable and gracious. If you have a chance, watch some of the panels he's on. He's hilarious!
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Post by Ksharmilla » 22 Nov 2018, 13:42

I have never. Since I live in a small island state, I doubt it is possible.I haven't even met any local authors here.

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Cassandra Zela
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Post by Cassandra Zela » 28 Nov 2018, 02:02

I haven't met any author yet but I would really love to meet
J.K Rowling and Alice Munro

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Post by dreamthewilderness » 29 Nov 2018, 19:57

I met Margaret Atwood once. She signed my journal. Reading her books have changed my life. Meeting her...not really. Haha. Maybe over a cup of tea rather than a book-signing would have allowed for further consciousness sharing.

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Post by Ajohnson85 » 06 Dec 2018, 21:48

I have meet an author before J. A. Armitage. She lives around me and she is super nice and when you are that close to them you almost forget that they are real people too!

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